Golden Beach Hotel 3 * (Vietnam, Nha Trang): overview, description and reviews

Golden Beach Hotel 3 * (Vietnam) is one of thethe best budget hotels in Nha Trang. Many Russian tourists stop at this hotel. The rooms here are quite comfortable, and the infrastructure is well developed. Tourists, among other things, are offered a huge number of additional services.

Hotel location special features

There is hotel Golden Beach Hotel Nha Trang 3 *(Vietnam), reviews about which are not bad, not too far from the city center and at the same time close enough to the sea. The distance from the beach to the hotel is about 500 meters. Go to the shore of the hotel guests have only about seven minutes. The nearest airport to the hotel is located 26 km from it. Get to the hotel arrived guests can both a shuttle, and a taxi. In total, the path to the hotel takes about 20-30 minutes.

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In the immediate vicinity of the hotelNha Trang infrastructure is all necessary for comfortable rest of tourists. The hotel guests have the opportunity, without spending much time, to visit shops of different specialization, pharmacies, massage parlors, markets. Transfer from the hotel to the airport is very inexpensive.

General description of the hotel

Hosts this hotel in high-riserelatively new building of modern architecture (concrete, glass). Registration at Golden Beach Hotel 3 * (Vietnam, Nha Trang) is open 24 hours a day. The residents are settled at 12 noon. Leave the tenants at 14 o'clock last paid day. Some employees are rested in the hotel can speak Russian, which is certainly very convenient. Rooms in the hotel are for non-smokers only. With pets you can not stay in a hotel. At the entrance to the hotel, the guests are taken out of the passport instead of the deposit. Store them in a safe safe.

Rooms hotel

If desired, at Golden Beach Hotel 3 * (Vietnam) you can rent:

  • Superior Double Deluxe with City View;

  • double deluxe with two separate beds;

  • luxury family room with sea view.

Each room of this hotel has:

  • air conditioning;

  • fridge;

  • mini bar;

  • TV;

  • kettle and coffee maker.

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Shower in all rooms of the hotel are separateindividual. In the bathroom the guest is offered a set of household chemicals for taking water procedures (gel, shampoo), towels and hair dryer. In many rooms there are small balconies on which it is possible to dry bathing accessories. They dry up here literally instantly. The presence of balconies for any hotel in Vietnam is a big plus. In the rooms due to the raw climate, the bath accessories dry very slowly. But whatever it was, the Golden Beach Hotel 3 * also took care of those guests who do not have a balcony. Such tenants can dry beach things in the bathroom. There is good ventilation here. And therefore everything dries up quickly enough.

In the rooms, among other things, fitted wardrobes. Inside there are safes in which you can store valuables and documents.

Golden Beach Hotel 3 * (Vietnam): reviews of tourists about the rooms of the hotel

The opinions of the rooms of this hotel at the guest'sthe general and the whole has developed quite well. No livestock (bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, etc.) in the rooms of the hotel there. Maid in the rooms are very often and quite carefully. Therefore, the apartments in this hotel are always clean and cozy. Bedding is also changed at an acceptable periodicity.

Good reviews of the rooms of this hotel, apart from everythingother things, deserve for the presence of Russian TV channels. Household appliances in this hotel are not too new. Sometimes air conditioners and refrigerators break down. However, for all such problems, the staff reacts very quickly. If desired, in the hotel rooms you can use free Wi-Fi (works up to the 10th floor). And this, of course, also adds to its attractiveness in the eyes of tourists. In addition, the Internet at the hotel is quite fast. The decoration in the apartments of the hotel is quite fresh and attractive.

The hotel is, therefore, less convenient. Of course, not every dissatisfied guest writes about her in the network a negative review. "Oh, the Golden Beach Nha Trang hotel 3 *, Vietnam - a wonderful place, come back here again!"- of course, no one writes about this hotel either. But most of the reviews about this institution are completely loyal. Of course, there are, according to many tourists, in Golden Beach and some shortcomings. To the minuses of the hotel, many residents include, for example, small windows (not enough light) and too hard beds.

golden beach hotel 3 vietnam reviews

Hotel Infrastructure

On the territory of the hotel Golden Beach Hotel 3 * (Vietnam) there are:

  • laundry;

  • exchange office;

  • pool;

  • car rental;

  • tour agency;

  • bicycles for rent;

  • ticket sales point;

  • business center.

If you want, tourists can order in this hotel and such services as ironing. Also at an additional cost in the hotel, the press and food can be delivered to the tenant's room.

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Reviews of tourists about the infrastructure of the hotel

Most of the hotel's former guestsbelieves that she fully justifies her three stars. Many tourists consider Golden Beach Hotel 3 * (Vietnam) quite beautiful and comfortable. Very often vacationers come here with children. The main advantage of the hotel guests consider a convenient location. Also very much praised by the former tenants of this hotel is the work of his staff. Golden Beach employees are polite and attentive to their guests. Accommodation in rooms is quick.

Presence, even small, but the pool - is also something for which many praise Golden Beach Nha Trang 3 * hotel. Vietnam (Nha Trang is one of the most popular of its resorts) - the country is hot, and refreshing in the cool water in the evening in this climate is always very pleasant. Reviews about the hotel pool in the network are mostly positive. The water in its bowl is always clean and has a suitable temperature for a comfortable bath.

Special shortcomings, according to many tourists, havethis hotel is not. The only thing, many people are dissatisfied with the fact that there are always a lot of noisy Chinese guests in this hotel. In addition, the hotel sometimes too long to wait for the elevator, which is almost always packed to capacity.

Many tourists advise to rent a car inthe hotel. Travel to the sights of the city in this case will be cheaper than when hiring a taxi. The former hotel guests recommend using the exchanger in the city. For example, in the store "Treasures of Angora" the rate is somewhat more profitable than in the hotel.

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Dining at the hotel

If desired, at Golden Beach Hotel Nha Trang 3 *(Vietnam) you can rent rooms with or without breakfast. The restaurant in this hotel is on the 7th floor. Served breakfasts for guests on a "buffet". Fed in the hotel, as many tourists believe, quite diverse and delicious. In addition to the main dishes, the residents are usually served fruit.

Golden Beach Nha Trang 3 * (Vietnam): description of the beach

The coastline, as already mentioned, is locatednear the hotel. The beach in this part of Nha Trang, according to many tourists, is very comfortable and, most importantly, clean. The sea itself is also not dirty, but the entrance to it is quite convenient. Unrest in the ocean here is not strong. Water in the sea in Nha Trang is always a bit cool.

, golden beach nha trang 3 Vietnamese description

Experienced tourists advise beginners, coming to the beach,walk about 30-50 meters from its center. Here, sun loungers and umbrellas will be much cheaper. Of course, on the beach of Nha Trang there are also various cafes and restaurants. Here you can order a very tasty dish for a low price.

The coastline near the hotel is covered with sand withsmall pebbles. Therefore, you can walk on the beach even barefoot. But it is better to buy slates. The weather in Nha Trang is really hot and the sand can be just too hot.


If necessary, hotel guests canbuy at the hotel and some interesting excursion. Attractions in Nha Trang are quite a lot. For example, the guests of this city are very popular:

  • the Yang Bay waterfall;

  • mud Thap Ba;

  • island of monkeys.

An excursion to the Yang Bay waterfall in Nha Trang is usually very inexpensive. Give for it will need only about 22 dollars. You can also go to the waterfall and yourself.

golden beach nha trang 3 Vietnamese description

You can also buy or buy Thap Ba sourcesexcursion, or get here by taxi. Organized group trip to this landmark costs only about 120 thousand dong. But for the entrance ticket in this case have to pay separately.

Monkey Island is very near the city. It takes about 25 minutes to get to it. If you want, you can take a tour or hire a taxi. But the cheapest thing is to get to the North Port by bus (No. 3), and then buy a ticket for the boat. On the island itself you can not only admire the ridiculous monkeys, but also feed them from hand.

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