Moscow metro station "Semenovskaya"

Semenovskaya metro station of Moscowsubway is located between the "Partisan" and "Electrozavodskaya", on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line. It has a rather convoluted history. This is due to the repeated changes in the Pokrovsky radius project, and various historical circumstances. Work on this direction was already at the very beginning of the construction of the Moscow metro, even in the first half of the thirties. But the number of active stations, known to us today as the metro station "Semenovskaya", entered only in January 1944. At this time, there was a war. However, she was then called "Stalin". And not at all because the "leader of all peoples" was somehow involved in it, but simply by the name of the entire district of Moscow, which at that time had a similar name.

Semenovskaya metro station

How to build a metro station "Semenovskaya"

The project of this station, which is part of thePokrovsky radius, was adopted for execution in 1932. The blue line of the Moscow metro was built from the historical center of the city in the direction of Izmailov. The construction continued successfully until 1935, when the General Plan for the Reconstruction of Moscow was adopted at the highest state level. And this plan forced to revise, in particular, the Pokrovsky Metro project, going to the eastern districts of the capital. Several stations were excluded from the line, from the construction of which a decision was made to refuse. The construction of the metro station "Semenovskaya" was suspended, despite the considerable amount of work already done. Towards the construction of the station returned shortly before the war. In the war, it was unfinished, was used in the air-raid shelter during the raids on Moscow of German aviation. And in January 1944 the first passengers of the station "Stalinskaya" accepted the first passengers. It was completed and put into operation as part of the Pokrovsky radius. This was to spite the enemies. This was of great symbolic significance.

Semenovskaya metro station

Architectural features of the metro station "Semenovskaya"

By its constructive type it is a pylonthree-flight deep station. It was built on an individual project, and during its erection a number of architectural innovations were applied. After a thorough study of the geological situation, the constructive basis of the main hall was facilitated by replacing the pylons with columns. This allowed to increase the internal space of the station and make it more convenient for passengers. In furnish of interiors prevail light marble and red Ural granite. The conceptual theme of the station's decoration is the Soviet Army. The main hall's hall is decorated with an ornament depicting various types of heavy weapons that took part in the war. The end wall of the hall is decorated with a stylized image of the Order of Victory.

how to get to Semenovskaya metro station

How to get to the metro station "Semenovskaya"

The station plays an important role in the transport systemEastern Administrative District. You can reach it by buses 36, 83, 141, 254, 702 and 783 routes; trams 2, 11, 32, 34, 36, 43, 46 routes; trolleybus 22 and 87 routes. And also on numerous fixed-route taxis.

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