Kalanchevskaya station is a great transport interchange in Moscow

Probably, everyone will agree that in Moscow,as, however, in any other city of the planet, there are places that are very popular. They are more likely to be written, spoken and read, and more often than they are provided to other services. In the capital of the Russian Federation, this facility is undoubtedly the Kalanchevskaya station. Why? There are plenty of prerequisites for such a statement, and today we will discuss the most obvious.

Kalanchevskaya station. general description

Kalanchevskaya station

The official name of the station -Moscow-Kalanchevskaya. The people call it easier - Kalanchevskaya. This Moscow station is on the Alekseevskaya connecting line. It is part of the Moscow-Kursk region of the Moscow Railway.

To date, just three train stations,Leningrad, Kazan and Yaroslavl, are located near the passenger platform called "Kalanchevskaya station." How to get there? No problem! It borders on the Komsomolskaya metro station, and it is from here that the main stream of passengers arrives.

And the reason for this demand is that the trains of the Kursk, Gorky, Smolensk and Riga directions make their stops in this place.

By the way, the frequently asked question:"And the station Kalanchevskaya which station?" - is incorrect. Why? Because it is not a railway station in the usual sense of the word, it is a stop, which for many of these transit trains is considered to be the end.

Kalanchevskaya station. History of the facility construction

Kalanchevskaya station how to get
In 1865 it was marked by the opening of the railwaystation Moscow-Kalanchevskaya. The station's western platform includes the station building itself, which is a pavilion built in 1896. His architect was GV Voinevich.

Even before the construction of the station it was decided that it wasthrough it will pass the most important trains, passengers of which will be members of the government and other famous officials. By the way, here the emperor Nikolay II passed, heading for his coronation.

The design of the station premises was chosencorresponding. He was built from a decorative brick of extraordinary beauty, and decorated with tarutinsky stone. The dome roof and the tower with the spire looked luxurious and majestic. A special splendor of the station gave a rich interior decoration. The carved roof, covering the platform, added to the construction of elegance and uniqueness. The square and the square surrounded the station building.

But the historical events unfolded completelydifferently. Coronation train came to another station - Brest. But still, sometimes the imperial family used its special station. The building of the station after the revolutionary events was used far from its intended purpose. It was decided to place the district council of the Moscow Railway Region there. After a while the station began to function as a passenger station, intended for commuter trains.

Kalanchevskaya station. Characteristics and reason for popularity

what is Kalanchevskaya station

В состав станции входят 2 боковые платформы. They necessarily have turnstiles for passengers. Between the platforms is organized a single transition, which is a flooring through the ways. It is noteworthy that the northern part of the platform has a curved shape.

From this railway station you can get to Kalanchevskaya, Krasnoprudnaya, Bolshaya Spasskaya streets, and also to get to Komsomolskaya square and Grokholsky lane.

Another name of this station - Moscow-Technical-Kursk - arose because it is here that long-distance trains with a southern direction are prepared.

Immediately, the station employees controltrains of long-distance trains in Moscow. Equipping the dining cars with the necessary products is also in the department of Kalanchevskaya employees. They also provide passenger cars with coal, linen and water.

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