Country recreation center "Semiozero" (Republic of Karelia): detailed information on services

In a furious rhythm of a megacity and a whirlwind of householdworries, we sometimes forget about rest. Really relax, detach yourself from negative emotions and obsessive thoughts only in the fresh air. It is far from the city noise that a person restores his strength, stabilizes his mental and physical balance.

Do not deny yourself a vacation in the country,go to the far end of the earth to find a secluded place. Amazing corners with the cleanest ecology are scattered throughout our vast country. Such a place is the Leningrad region, or rather, Olonets region, on the isthmus of Karelia. Here is a small village of Syandeba, on its territory a recreation center "Semiozero" is built.

recreation center semi-lakeside

Tourist complex is buried in a riotousvegetation, is surrounded by picturesque hills and transparent lakes. Recently, visitors from different regions come here to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and reunite with nature. The hostel is open all year round. All cottages are built in 2012 from natural materials (oak) and are suitable for living in the winter.

Vacation spent in a suburban complex,will give a great mood, will charge with a positive and will fill up with energy. You can come by a big company, a whole family or together in "Semiozero" (recreation center). How to get to the destination? The administration of the complex provides a shuttle service, and guests can also come on their own cars, following the direction of Petrozavodsk-Murmansk. You can get on a public bus.

Accommodation options

For a small family, a two-storey cottage with five sleeping places with an area of ​​40 m2. There is a private outdoor terrace in the complex "Semiozero". The recreation center offers excellent conditions for living together with young children. A cot, a stroller and a high chair are provided.

Upon request, they will deliver a cot for a surcharge. On the first floor there is a well-equipped kitchen area with household utensils and dishes. A living room with upholstered furniture and a TV is highlighted. The second floor is equipped with a bathroom and a roomy bedroom.

Cottage No. 2 for 8 persons

Especially for large companies the recreation center "Semiozero" offers accommodation in a comfortable house with an area of ​​145 m2. This is a spacious cottage, consisting of chicliving room, kitchen and two bedrooms. There is a fireplace, satellite TV, necessary furniture, household items, toiletries and cosmetics. From the windows guests can observe the picturesque nature. Allowed to settle with young children.

semiozero recreation center

Five-bed house number 3

Want privacy and silence - then the recreation center"Semiozero" (Leningrad region), then a place where you can immerse yourself in a world of harmony and relaxation. In the environment of the green bora built a cozy cottage area of ​​60 m2, equipped with two bedrooms, a spacious living room and a small kitchen. The house has a Russian stove, a large balcony with a panorama of the local surroundings.

 recreation center semiozero leningrad region

Cottage number 4

For holidaymakers there is another wooden house (65 m2), consisting of four beds. The first floor is equipped with a kitchen, a hall and a bathroom. On the second floor you will find a bedroom with windows overlooking the forest. Upon request, a clamshell is available (chargeable). The payment includes children's accessories: a cot, a chair, a stroller.

Recreational part

The recreation center "Semiozero" is located underhour security. It is full of various entertainment activities. In summer, a beach season opens on the lake. Near the pond built a bath with a chic pier.

semiozero recreation center how to get

For connoisseurs of passive hunting will offer a hike formushrooms and berries in the local forest. Walk will give an unforgettable impression and a storm of emotions. The complex's services include fishing (in any season), sightseeing tours. For active guests - bicycles, sports grounds, darts, skis, skates. Organized corporate events and celebrations in the complex "Semiozero".

Recreation base at a professional level suitsparties, sports, youth discos, children's morning performances. The combination of pure nature, friendly environment and the benefits of civilization will leave only pleasant moments in memory.

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