Such different sights. Cairo: where to go and what to see?

In this city, shrouded in legends, life beatskey. The pearl of the East is at the very center of the intersection of trade routes of Asia, Africa and Europe. A large metropolis with an extraordinary atmosphere gathered in itself the best achievements with which the colorful Egypt is proud.

Cairo (Cairo) is the capital of the ancientstate and the main religious center of the Islamic world. In the city of contrasts, different cultures blend harmoniously, and to see the life of a mysterious country from inside, one must visit her heart, fascinating with special beauty.

Megapolis, famous for its sights

Located on both banks of the Nile, Cairo is famousits archaeological and cultural monuments, and millions of tourists hurry to touch the ancient history of one of the most developed civilizations of the world. It is impossible to list all city attractions in the article. Cairo originated from a small settlement, defeated by a military leader Amr ibn al-Asom. The name of the capital of the state came from the Arabic al-Qahira, which translates as "victorious".

Cairo Attractions

Extremely successful position in the delta of the Nileallowed a small settlement gradually to become one of the most influential and rich megacities on the planet. The city, in which luxurious palaces and mosques appear, flourishes every year: trade in spices and spices, products made of precious metals brings a good profit.

"City of a thousand minarets"

Conditional capital of Egypt can be divided into Oldcity ​​and its modern part, which is no different from most megacities. There are multi-storey shopping centers and the newest architectural buildings. The historical part of the country's capital is located on the eastern bank of the Nile, and in the Old Town, where you are immersed in the atmosphere of the past, you can meet a variety of religious attractions.

Cairo, whose life has a hugethe influence of Islam, stuns foreign visitors with the number of mosques, and it is simply beyond the power of a tourist to visit them. Exquisite masterpieces of architecture are striking at first sight. The fact is that mosques are prohibited images not only of human faces, but of all living beings, so the ancient architects expressed their emotions in expressive Arabic ornament.

Mosque of Ibn Tulun

Ibn Tulun - the oldest prayera building erected in the IX century. For the first time in architecture, powerful arches were used instead of columns, which gave the structure lightness and elegance. The appearance of the mosque is strict enough that nothing distracts from prayer, and the ornament is devoid of pretentiousness and unnecessary decorations. Unnamed architects have achieved a wonderful atmosphere of peace that reigns inside the famous landmark.

egypt cairo

Cairo is proud of its rich historical heritage and carefully protects it.

The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha

Another important religious monument of the cityis the so-called Alabaster mosque, built for the king of the country. Lined with white marble, it makes an indelible impression on all tourists. The scale of the magnificent construction, the variety of the minarets and domes glittering in the sun, is striking. The mosque of Mohammed Ali, which appeared in the 19th century and is decorated with floral ornaments and gold inscriptions from the Koran, is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture of Egypt. The main shrine of Muslims consists of two parts - the western (courtyard with a fountain for ablution) and the eastern (the mosque itself).

mosque of Mohammed ali

The admiration of a huge numbersuspended on chains of crystal chandeliers, giving the building a bright light. To the right of the picturesque mosque is the tomb of Pasha Mohammed Ali. One of the main adornments of the city every day welcomes guests who admire the refinement of the interior decoration of spacious halls.

TV tower

The Cairo TV tower is a symbol of the newEgypt. Inside, visible from anywhere in the city, there is a restaurant that rotates on a platform around its axis. With an 187-meter building, stylized as a lotus stem, the acquaintance of foreigners arriving in the city begins. This is a very popular place, especially at night. At the very top is an observation deck, from which you can see the magnificent pyramids and admire the magnificence of the Nile. No wonder the ancient poets called the gift of the River of Life the blessed Egypt.

Cairo TV tower

Cairo: National Museum

Egyptian Museum, which presents the mostthe world's largest collection of art objects of a great civilization, can not be ignored. Located in the center of the city, it opens its doors to everyone who wants to get acquainted with the ancient artifacts: mummies, tombs of pharaohs, ceramic products, papyri, ornaments from sarcophagi. This treasure house holds thousands of exhibits, and no tourist can pass by the celebrated 155th anniversary of the city's landmark.

Cairo, which harmoniously combines the ancientmosques and luxurious palaces, ancient pyramids and modern skyscrapers, survived different epochs and changed many rulers. The city of the interweaving of several cultures allows everyone to go through the time and history of an immortal civilization that has not revealed many secrets to descendants.

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