Holidays in the UK: discovering a country for yourself

Great Britain is a conservative country.And this manifests itself in the adherence of the people of this country to customs and traditions. And even the new holidays of Great Britain gradually turn into a tradition, the observance of which becomes the rule not only for those categories of the population that brought this festival to the country of the Foggy Albion, but for all who consider themselves to be residents of England.

Sometimes it looks strange, but with thisto be considered. For example, it is noticed that all the holidays of Great Britain, except those of world importance, such as Easter, Christmas and New Year, fall on the first day of the week, that is Monday. And yet, England is one of the countries of the world in which every month celebrations and celebrations of a nationwide scale take place.

Such holidays of Great Britain since recent timesreplenished the festival of whiskey and carnival Notting Hill. We will tell you more about each of them. Can someone want to take part in these beautiful events ?!

So, Notting Hill Carnival begins on Saturday.This grandiose procession taking place on the last weekend of the last summer month takes place on the territory of 4.5 miles. Its founders are African and Latin American residents, mainly representatives of Tobago and Trinidad, who along with themselves 46 years ago brought to England the tradition to organize holidays that unite all those who can work properly and have a rest in a timely manner. London ceases to be prim and business for these days and becomes an object of general festivities. And opens his competition of drummers, which show the audience how skillfully they can extract sounds with the help of ordinary wooden sticks. On Sunday, the carnival procession continues with the children's group, which participates in the display of costumes. The best of the best receive prizes and gifts. But the main moment in the carnival comes on Monday, when adults leave the parade. The procession is led by the King and Queen with their entourage, all sorts of rhythmic music is heard calling for dancing. And merchants on this day treat everyone with a variety of delicacies, the home of which are the Caribbean islands. The carnival ends in the dead of night at various parties, where the river flows champagne.

As you know, UK holidays includeits list and celebrations of the Scottish and Irish peoples. One of the popular festivities is the Scottish Whiskey Festival, which is an expression of the pride of the people of Scotland for the quality of their national product. There are several festivals. They begin in May, and end in September.

The most popular place in Scotland is Sepides.There is such an amount of viscocurens that there is no more in any part of the world. During the festival, they become the object of pilgrimage for many connoisseurs of Scotch whiskey, because at other times the producers of this fragrant drink do not allow strangers to enter their territory.

The festival has a wide program, within the framework ofwhich are held various competitions and actions. Collectors of whiskey boast of their masterpieces and share their experience. Constant parties with the performance of Scottish dances are held on a large scale, including the organization of a fashion show with a demonstration of kilts, a visit to the whiskey museum, lunches organized by the owners of viscourts, etc.

All UK holidays are a meansrallying of peoples. Whichever time of the year you choose to visit the Foggy Albion, you will inevitably fall into an atmosphere of cordiality and complacency, get acquainted with those traditions that are unlikely to be repeated in any other corner of the globe.

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