Pearl of the city - Bryansk Circus

For people who want to relax from workerseveryday, there is a great place where you can spend a day off with children and have a good time. In this article we will consider the Bryansk Circus. Photos included in the text, you can judge the beauty of this institution. Also, it will be about the origin of this place and its amazing show programs.

History of creation

Bryansk Circus is a decoration of the city, whichdiffers by its original construction. It has huge bright halls and marble stairs, and the dome finish is made of aluminum. It is the most capacious arena in the city, which is designed for more than fifteen hundred seats. The building was built in 1974 in late December. The architects were Georgy Vasilievich Naprienko and Salomeya Maksimovna Gelfer.

Bryansk circus

The first show of the program took place 11 months later- April 10, 1975. Every year more than half a million people visit the performances and take with them only positive emotions. Here professional artists from different countries show the best numbers of circus art.

Today, the circus building is surrounded by a beautiful park,but at the very beginning there were only flower beds. Only a few decades after the premiere appeared small fir trees, which became the basis for the future park zone.

Hall layout

An ordinary person represents a circus in the form of a dome, but this building in appearance is not at all like that. Its construction is distinguished by its original roof, in the shape of a cap visor.

There are rooms for artists andservice staff, as well as utility rooms for paraphernalia of the circus. The front side of the building is glazed with huge stained-glass windows. Inside there is a spacious foyer and lobby, where there are trading benches with children's toys, balloons, souvenirs and everything that reminds of a holiday.

Bryansk circus is used not only fordemonstrations of show programs, but also for watching movies, music concerts, here you can also see a performance on the ice. Therefore, the construction of the arena is not centered, but is slightly biased towards the artistic exit. We already know that a large number of people visit the Briansk Circus.

The layout of the hall is designed with the following account: whereverneither was the spectator, before him all the subtleties of performances are revealed. The space is divided into eight sectors directly near the arena. Above the hall is divided into two parts: the right and left. There is also a balcony with a beautiful view of the stage.

Bryansk circus scheme


When the days off come, people rush to visitBryansk Circus. At cash desks huge queues are formed. Everyone wants to see the show, get new impressions and emotions, because any program is interesting and fascinating. Seeing at least one of the speeches, you will remain in full delight and receive a lot of positive emotions.

The program includes such shows as:

  • Bears on motorcycles, rollers and show rooms with exotic animals (porcupines, pelicans, llamas, camels).
  • The show shows soap bubbles and cheerful, fervent clowns.
  • Also show numbers acrobats, gymnasts, equilibrists, who perform on the water to the music.
  • And of course, incredible flights under the dome.
  • Enchanting rooms with elephants, which include Indian dances and extreme tricks of professional artists with the participation of these animals.

All this is the Bryansk Circus.

The layout of the seats was described above. Depending on your preferences and financial possibilities, you can make the choice that suits you best.

Bryansk Circus Hall Scheme

Exotics of the planet

In the circus appeared a new idea, whichbecame a decoration of the program. For today - this is the only show in the world of rope walkers on the ball. Under the dome of the circus, a thin rope is stretched, at a height of about six-story house. It moves a large ball on which rope walkers perform incredible tricks.

And also you will be shown rare animals for circusof the world. These are American buffaloes weighing about half a ton and Tibetan yaks. In the world there are no analogues of programs that represent the Bryansk circus. The schedule of the premiere can be found on the official website or on the posters of the city.

Bryansk circus photo

Regular staff develop newPrograms that attract new viewers and amaze with their uniqueness. Therefore, in your spare time, be sure to find an excuse to invite someone to the circus.

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