Park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol: how to get, description, reviews

Sevastopol is a hero city with a richhistorical past. It is one of the favorite places for rest among a large number of Russians and tourists from around the world. There is a huge number of attractions, architectural and cultural monuments, as well as entertainment. One of such places is the children's park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol. It daily receives tens of thousands of citizens and visitors. How to get to the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol? What do visitors say about it? What services does it provide? On these and other issues related to the work of the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol, you will receive exhaustive answers in this detailed article.

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Rope Park "Lukomorye" (Sevastopol)

This place is always admired not only bychildren, but also in adults. They come here for a few hours, and usually stay for a whole day. After all, in a short period of time, it is simply impossible to get acquainted with all the features and sights of the Lukomorye park in Sevastopol. And after all that here only is not present. Let's together make a virtual tour of "Lukomoryu".

Many of us perfectly know the famous linesthe great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin: "Lukomorye oak has a green, golden chain on an oak tree ...". Therefore, at the mention of this name, many of us represent something magical and fabulous. Park "Lukomorye" will not disappoint your ideas and expectations. Fairy-tale heroes and literary characters will meet you here. The cat scientist will tell the direction to the ticket offices, and next to the forged dragons and Don Quixote you can make good photos.

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The place where the fairy tale comes to life

In the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol, you can see a large number of interesting museums. Among them:

  • Museum of Ice Cream History. Here you can get interesting and informative information about your favorite dessert of children and adults, as well as taste some varieties.
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  • Marmalade Museum. You will know when this delicacy first appeared and from what it was made. Without tasting in this place, too, will not do.
  • Museum of the Indian. You will meet with live lianas and exotic flowers. And also you will learn everything about the history and culture of the Indians.
  • Museum of Soviet childhood. Exhibits that are in this place,will cause nostalgic memories from more adult visitors to the park. Children will certainly like Soviet machines for games, as well as the form worn by their parents in school.
  • Cafe "Mill". If, while walking in the park, you are hungry, then by all means visit this cozy and comfortable institution. Food here is prepared only from environmentally friendly products.
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Activities and Holidays

The park is an entertainment center, which all residents of the city adore. There are a lot of different events and holidays. We offer you information about some of them:

  • World Cat Day. The holiday in the park took place recently - on August 82017 year. On this day, anyone could choose and take home a fluffy four-legged friend at the exhibition of local cats. Also visitors could flaunt their knowledge in the quiz about pets. Veterinarians present at the festival gave the necessary free advice on the care and education of cats.
  • World Chocolate Day. It was held on July 11, 2017.On this day visitors could shoot arrows free of charge and be photographed with holiday mascots. But most importantly, everyone could taste a large number of varieties of chocolate. Among them were exotic, unusual for many tastes.
  • Interplanetary chess tournament. Held in the twentieth day of July 2017,gathered a large number of not only fans, but also willing to participate in it. Along with the usual figures of checkers and chess, you could see jars of jam. Therefore, along with the sports victory, the player still received a sweet treat.

In the park there are other interesting events, about which city residents are always informed in advance. Therefore, on such days it is especially crowded and lively here.

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12 Reasons to Visit the Lukomorye Park in Sevastopol

It is interesting to know why the city's residents andnewcomers love this place so much? We offer you the twelve most popular reasons listed in the most diverse reviews that can be found on the Internet. So, the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol is:

  1. an excellent place to relax, especially with children;
  2. a platform for a large number of various festivals and competitions;
  3. a place where you can not only have a great rest, but also experience a large number of pleasant emotions;
  4. acquaintance with the rarest exotic plants;
  5. the opportunity to show their courage and courage on a large number of the most dizzy attractions;
  6. A place where you can not only see, but also feed, and also pet some animals;
  7. the opportunity to learn to walk on water with the help of an inflatable sphere;
  8. pleasant emotions and a positive mood;
  9. a place where you can see famous, fairy-tale characters;
  10. convenient location for a large number of visitors;
  11. the opportunity to get acquainted with the history of making marmalade, and taste the most delicious and sweet varieties.
  12. A place in which even adults rejoice and have fun, like little children.

Address and ways to get there

Many readers already probably wanted to knowthe address of the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol. Its location is very easy to remember. It is located in the area of ​​Tarutinskaya street, near Victory Avenue, 1 A. This place is known and loved by almost every local resident.

And how to get to the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol come from other cities? You can use the fixed-route taxi at number 109. The stop is Koly Pishchenko street.

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Useful information and tips

To visit the park brought you only joy and pleasant emotions, take note of the following information:

  • Dispose of garbage and household waste only in specially designated places for this purpose.
  • Remember that the entrance to the park is free, and the visit time is from 8.00 to 23.00.
  • Animals in the contact zoo can only be fed with the permission of employees.
  • Prices for visiting museums and some of the sights located on the territory are in the area of ​​about one hundred rubles.

Favorite place of rest for citizens

Reviews about the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol, you canfind on the Internet only the most positive. Here, each visitor can find for themselves something interesting. Some ride on attractions or learn to shoot arrows, others spend time in communication with the inhabitants of the contact zoo, while others simply walk along the paths and paths of the park, photographing next to various fairy-tale characters and beautiful plants.

Pleased with the fact that the employees of the parkinvested in him his love and soul. Therefore, they managed to create a special atmosphere of goodness, which is felt as soon as you get here. Every year it becomes more cozy and comfortable for visitors. It's never boring, but there are so many interesting activities for all members of the family that even a single day for a visit is not enough. Therefore, many residents come here almost every weekend. Moreover, the entrance to the park is completely free.

A small fee is only necessary to pay forVisit museums, attractions and some other places located in the park. Almost all the visitors' reviews are full of gratitude to the creators and organizers of the amazingly beautiful place in Sevastopol - the park for children and adults "Lukomorye". Some people have a wish. For example, they offer to enter an entrance fee, and also to update some metal surfaces and attractions.

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I would like to see such positive and sunnyThere were as many parks as possible. After all, when a person visits such places, he no longer has thoughts about something bad. In the park "Lukomorye" in Sevastopol, each person becomes a little kinder and more merciful to others.

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