The metro station "Strogino". Strogino district

The metro station "Strogino" is located onArbat-Pokrovskaya line. The opening took place in 2008. The article describes the history of the Moscow metro station, as well as information about ground facilities located near this metro.

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For twelve years, the metro station"Strogino" was indicated on the diagram as being built. The point, of course, is not that the work process has dragged on for such a long time. In the early nineties the country was hit by an unprecedented economic crisis, as a result of which the further construction of new metro stations became impossible.

The metro station "Strogino", according tothe original design, was to be part of the Filevskaya line, which is indicated in blue in the diagram. But in 1993 the construction was postponed indefinitely. When, after more than a decade, they returned to the project, Moscow looked completely different in the northwest. Metro "Strogino", "Volokolamskaya", "Myakinino" decided to include in the composition of the blue branch, thereby providing the underground transport of residents of new areas. However, the houses located in the vicinity of the station, referred to in this article, were built before the coming of the new millennium. About the area in which the metro station "Strogino" is located, will be told later.

The opening took place on the eve of the New Year. For two years, the metro station "Strogino" was the terminal on the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line. In 2008, the construction of the next station of the blue branch - "Myakinino" - was completed.

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"Krylatskoe" - "Strogino"

Travel time from one station to another inThe Moscow metro is an average of three minutes. But there is an exception. The train from Strogino to Krylatskaya rides almost eight minutes. Passengers using the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line know about this feature. But why is there such a long distance between these stations? About this very few people think.

The matter is that between "Strogino" and "Krylatskoe"is located "Trinity-Lykovo". This is a technical station, which is currently used only by subway staff. It is also called "promising". That is, it is possible that someday it will be open.

Near the station "Trinity-Lykovo" is locatedhomonymous village. The construction of the metro can be resumed only if there is a residential area capable of providing the necessary number of passengers to the subway. But representatives of the Moscow authorities recently compiled a list of villages to be demolished. The Trinity-Lukovo was not included in this list. Let's return to the metro station "Strogino". Which streets are exiting this station?

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In the historical documents of the sixteenth century there werefound the first mention of the village of Strogino. But then this settlement was called otherwise: Ostrog. The village received its modern name in the 19th century, and in the second half of the 20th century it became part of Moscow. In the mid-seventies, construction of multi-storey buildings began here. Exits from the metro are made to Stroginsky boulevard. Other streets in the area:

  • Isakovsky Street.
  • Street Marshal Katukov.
  • Street Twardowski.
  • Street Tallinn.
  • Kulakov Street.

Ground transportation

Bus and tram stops are nearbyfrom the metro station "Strogino". How to get from this station to "Voykovskaya", located in the north of Moscow? There is a tram number 30 to this metro station. By bus, you can get to the metro station "Mitino", "Pyatnitskoe Highway", "Volokolamskaya".

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Restaurants and shops

Near the metro station "Strogino" there are several largeshopping centers and public catering establishments. A few meters from one of the exits is Stroginskaya harbor. This complex includes not only a restaurant, but also a sauna. Near the subway are also the following cafes and restaurants: "Sushi WOK", "Pizza Factory", "Picturesque Bay", "Line of Taste", "Chateau Myakinino", "Vosti".

Exit from the western lobby leads to shoppingcenters "Daria", "Lukomorye". TC "Daria" was opened in 2009. Located at: Stroginsky boulevard, house 1. In a three-story building there are many shops, organizations providing services to the public, on the top floor are several catering establishments. "Lukomorye" is also one of the large complexes, whose branches are located in Moscow near almost every metro station. There is also a store of digital equipment, and a jewelry store, a pharmacy, and several cafes.

In order to be at the stadium "Yantar", you must go from the eastern lobby of the metro station "Strogino" to Marshal Katukov Street.

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