Hotel Brestol in Moscow. Luxury at affordable prices.

Hotel Brestol is among the smallhotels located in the center of the capital. His services can be used in those cases when a shelter is required for only a few hours. It's nice if this watch flows in a cozy, beautifully furnished room, equipped with everything you need for a rest, and for a business meeting or a romantic date.

Very convenient location of the hotel Brestol in Moscow- the center of the city, not far from Pushkinskaya metro station. On Strastnaya Street, the well-groomed three-story Moscow mansion, which was completed with a mansard under a red tiled roof, hospitably opened its doors.

Hotel Brestol in Moscow positions itself as a mini-hotel, providing rooms in hourly hiring. The car can be parked in the parking lot next door. True car security is not provided.

The design of the hotel rooms is stylizedpalace interiors. Unique specimens of author's furniture are used, accentuated by the luxuriously decorated rooms. There is a large number of carefully selected author's accessories, chic mirrors, expensive draperies and gilding.

On the Internet you can find hotel reviewsBrestol, according to which the hotel "pulls" for five stars. As the main advantages called the convenient location of the hotel Brestol and a good level of the hotel restaurant.

A high score is put to the excellentthe design of the hotel rooms. Private photo studios offer their clients to use its lush interiors as luxurious decorations for wedding photographs.

Hotel Brestol in Moscow and its services

Hotel Brestol in Moscow provides its guests twenty rooms of different price level. The cost ranges from 600 to 2000 rubles per hour.

The hotel equipment meets modern requirements. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, plasma TVs and multimedia centers that support DVD and MP3.

In the living rooms there are devices for serving a "light" table. If necessary, hotel guests can order delivery of food from the hotel restaurant to the room.

Almost half of the rooms are equipped with a Jacuzzi. All bathrooms are equipped with stylish expensive plumbing. There are a hairdryer, two bath towels, soap, shampoo and shower gel. Those who wish can additionally order a terry dressing gown (200 rubles) and terry slippers (100 rubles), one-time slippers (50 rubles) and additional terry towels (50 rubles).

The order of booking and payment of numbers

If you want to read reviews about the hotel Brestol in Moscow,it becomes obvious that it is easier to book a room by phone. If there are available seats, it can be booked an hour before the estimated time of arrival. If the guest does not arrive on time, the reservation is automatically canceled.

When the hotel does not have free rooms, the place is booked in consultation with the hotel administrator. At the same time there is a service of notifying the client by phone about the possibility to take an apartment.

Waiting for the release of rooms guests can in the lobby of the hotel. In this case, they will be offered snacks and drinks from the hotel restaurant.

Payment for accommodation is in cash in rubles. All necessary documents confirming the payments made (cash vouchers for all types of services) are provided by the hotel administration.

Hotel Brestol in Moscow provides rooms inhire only an adult. When making an order, the guest must present an identity document (passport, driver's license or military card).

The minimum period for which you canreserve a room - one hour (for rooms above 1100 rubles per hour). For rooms worth 8,000 rubles, this time is two hours, and for rooms costing 6,000 rubles - three. In the case of a daily reservation of rooms, there is a substantial discount (over 40%).

When the room is released, twenty minutes of unpaid tardiness is allowed. Exceeding this period leads to the need to pay an additional hour of accommodation.

The service of the hotel Brestol is thought over to the smallest detail. Above all, convenience, availability and comfort are appreciated, which makes the time spent at the hotel pleasant and memorable.

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