Travel to Sharm El Sheikh: hotel rating

If you are going to go to Sharm el-Sheikh,The rating of the hotels will help you with the choice of the place of residence during the vacation. Of course, the list of recommended hotels - a very useful thing, but it is worth taking into account their desires and preferences and do not forget about financial opportunities. Even with the most economical budget, you can find the best option, as Egypt offers hotels for every taste and purse.

Sharm El Sheikh Hotel Rating

All who go to rest in Egypt, they know aboutBay of Naama Bay. This is where the first-class and luxurious five-star hotels are located. Since this is the first coastline of Sharm El Sheikh, the rating of hotels of this category is always quite high, and the prices here correspond to luxury leisure. If you prefer a more economical vacation, then you can easily choose one of the hotels located across the road. Even if you choose 3 stars, you basically will not lose anything (the service will still be excellent), and you can absolutely visit the territory of almost any five-star hotel, work out in the fitness center or have dinner in the restaurant. In Naama Bay it's all right.

hotel plaza charm ale sheikh

There is also a category of so-called"Coral hotels" that are scattered all over the Red Sea coast. These hotels are distinguished by good service and developed infrastructure, while the prices for the room here are much lower than in the hotels located in the bay. Especially like the aforementioned hotels for diving lovers, as the coral reef, stretching along the entire coast, will give unforgettable impressions to anyone who plunges into the underwater world with scuba diving. Thus, do not be afraid that you will not find a suitable option for yourself, because it is the wide choice of hotels of different categories is famous for Sharm el-Sheikh. The rating of hotels in this city is not complete without the hotels described below.

hotel plaza charm ale sheikh

Grand Plaza 5 *

This is a fairly new hotel, opened in 2006. Its area is 120 thousand m.2. It consists of one main two-storeyhousing and three buildings in three floors. The total number of rooms includes 547 rooms of different categories - from standard to luxury and premium. The food is offered on an all-inclusive basis. Honeymooners and birthday celebrants expect pleasant bonuses in the form of a basket of fruit or a small delicious cake. It is believed that the Plaza Hotel (Sharm El Sheikh) is more suitable for a family holiday. There is a very developed children's animation, restaurants also offer a menu for children. The hotel has a luxurious landscaped area, which will delight anyone who has decided to stay here. Beach own, the entrance to it is carried out through the pontoon. Its main advantage is that it is large enough, therefore it is not necessary to take up seats on deck chairs in advance.

hotel tropicana charm ale sheikh

lt Tropicana Grand Azure 5 *

This hotel is built in the Andalusian style. There are several two- and three-story buildings on its territory. The windows offer a magnificent view of the island of Tiran. Which is remarkable. Literally nearby is the largest forest in the whole Sinai. It is very far to the beach, about 900 meters. The entrance is also provided through the pontoon. If you do not want to walk, then you can take a small train that runs every half hour. Hotel Tropicana (Sharm el-Sheikh) is very developed in terms of infrastructure. In its territory you can find several swimming pools, one of which is closed, a lot of various restaurants and bars. This hotel is truly worthy of attention, consider this, gathering in Sharm el-Sheikh.

hotel tropicana charm ale sheikh

The rating of hotels in Egypt is often subjective. And although it helps many to decide the choice, sometimes it's better to focus on the reviews of your friends and relatives.

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