Boeing 737 800: layout of the cabin, good seats, recommendations

Narrow-bore turbofans for passengerBoeing 737 800 aircrafts Aeroflot began acquiring aircraft in its fleet since September 24, 2013. Now there are 11 air cars of such a popular model, making daily flights for medium-range distances.

The popularity of the model

boeing 737 800 layout good seats

These aircraft are manufacturedcompany Boeing since 1967. During this time, a huge number of such aircraft purchased by the world's airlines. It is estimated that in the world airspace every five seconds somewhere flying up, and somewhere already goes to the landing of the Boeing 737. This is the most massive passenger liner in the world history of aircraft construction.

Let's take a closer look at the acquired "Aeroflot" Boeing 737 800 layout of the cabin and good places for travelers.

Description of the aircraft

Always before the flight, people experience somevoltage. I want to be 100% sure of the quality and technical characteristics of the device. Therefore, let's consider for the peace of passengers what the air transport is like. We will describe the cabin of the Boeing 737 800 aircraft.

The company, competing with Airbus, manufacturedit with wings elongated by 5.5 meters. The "Boeing 737" group is called "Next Generation", as they have advanced engines and are distinguished by the presence of digital cockpits.

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Aircraft from this series are manufactured not onlyfor the transport of passengers, there is also a military modification, issued under the number "Boeing 737-800ERX". There are also in the air transportation two types of this model, designed for a different number of travelers: for 189 and 160 passengers. They are also distinguished by the fact that in an airplane with a larger capacity of people there is only one category of seats. In a smaller version there are two types of comfort seats: business class and economy.

The aircraft flies to a maximum range of 5 400km. By the way, Boeing 737 800 (passenger reviews often remind about it) very narrow passages between the seats, because the width of the cabin is only 3.54 meters. Consider the salon and available seats in detail.


First, let's look at a two-class aircraftBoeing 737 800, layout of the cabin, good seats. The first five rows are occupied by 20 business-class seats. They are arranged two in a row on each side. On the backs of each seat has its own monitor, which is a great advantage and distinguishes the convenience of these seats from the rest of the cabin, where the monitor is one at all at the beginning of the row.

In front of the business class there is a room forstewardess with kitchen and toilet. The distance between the seats here is quite large - about 1 meter, so it's convenient to stretch your legs. The dropped backrest for lying down will not cause any inconvenience to anyone.

boeing 737 800 aeroflot

On-line feedback on the flightbusiness class, one can judge that some experienced small inconveniences, sitting in the front row on the ground near the aisle. People went to the toilet past them, they could hear the slamming of the doors, and smells of food and coffee came from the kitchen.

Next are the seats of economy class. Places of this category of comfort are located from the 6th row. They are located on 3 chairs on each side, which significantly narrows the passage. And at the end of the salon there are two toilets.

In the middle of the case there are emergency exit doors. Let's take a closer look at the quality of the Boeing 737 800 aircraft seats, the layout of the cabin, the good seats, and where they are located.

The best places of economy class

All economy class seats, in principle, are comfortable,especially if the flight is not very long and distant. According to passengers, many people like places in the 6th row, which are located immediately behind the business class. Since there is a fabric partition between the salons, then sitting here, you can freely stretch your legs forward - even a high place will suffice for a place. But noted in the reviews and a significant minus - the eyes here all the way rests against the partition.

Such places are considered at purchase of tickets of the raised comfort, and the price for them has a winding in 25-50 euros.

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In the cabin of the aircraft (photo shows it well)There are several rows of relatively comfortable seats. This is the row near the emergency exit. Looking at the presented photo of this place you can see what they are good at. There is a lot of free legroom. But there's a surprise waiting for the passengers. There is not one armrest on the side of the plane wall. And the cost of such places is also more expensive than ordinary tickets for 25-50 euros.

Inconvenient places

In the plane Boeing 737 800 layout of the cabin, goodWe considered the places, and now we turn to the problem areas. Many passengers note the inconvenience of the rear row. It is located next to the toilets, working for passengers of the entire economy class. In the narrow passage, a queue of those wishing to visit these rooms is often formed. Doors clap, tanks drain water, and smells do not always please with aroma. In addition, the backs though fall, but with a restriction, not like all the other passengers.

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The same problem applies to places in front of emergencypassage. At the extreme seats near the wall there is no one armrest, and still not completely lowered back. There are restrictions for the transportation of passengers. Such places are forbidden to plant people with children, animals and invalids. This is due to safety technology, because the seats are right next to the emergency exit.

Recommendations when buying tickets

After a detailed study of the cabin, photoits convenient and less comfortable seats, it remains only to give some advice on buying tickets for the plane. Before each trip you need to find out which plane you are lucky with. On the Internet you need to find his scheme, read what places are comfortable, and what problems, decide on the price, and then go book a ticket.

It is also necessary to consider the choice of a place in a row. If there is no need to go to the toilet often, then it's good to sit by the window. If you are traveling with a child, or there is a need to often get up, then take places at the entrance, so as to disturb the neighbors less.

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