The Belorussian station: the metro station, the nearest to it, a little history and interesting facts

To residents and visitors of the capital is known the Belorussianstation, which is not just a very beautiful, but also a strategically important object. To visit this place, you do not need to know much! So, your attention is given to the following information: Belorussky railway station, metro station, which is near it, land routes and a few interesting literary and historical facts.

Belorussky Railway Station metro station

How to get to the station by public transport?

Proceeding from the fact that the platform of this stationtrains departing to the west, south-west and northeast of Russia, as well as to foreign countries, many people come here. Not all of them have a personal car, and not everyone rides a taxi either. It was the same in Soviet times. Therefore, next to the geographical object called Belorussky Station - Belorusskaya metro station. Note that the stations with this name on the Zamoskvoretskaya metro line - as many as two: Radial and Ring. It is very convenient that you can get directly to the station from the Radial Station. But the exit from Koltseva is convenient for those who want to be on the square at the railway station or those who go to the street Georgian shaft.

Belorussky railway station metro station map

It is also convenient that the Belorussky station, the stationMetro and bus and trolley bus stops are very close to each other. Accordingly, buses with numbers 0 and 12, as well as trolleybuses with numbers 12, 56 and 18, 1 and 78, are perfect for those who are uncomfortable getting on the metro. By the way, for those who are looking for the first time the Belorussky Railway Station (metro station) - a map to help. It is not necessary to carry a paper volume everywhere - the smartphone will replace it completely.

Belorussky Railway Station (metro station): where can I go?

Going down in the subway, you can quickly get toairports Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo. True, without transplantation will not do. But there are special Aeroexpresses, which quickly drive to the right airport directly from the station. Quite quickly from here you can get to other Moscow stations.

A bit of history

Almost everyone knows that the metro on this sitewas built according to the principle: Belorussky Railway Station - Belorusskaya metro station. This station was opened in 1938. During the Great Patriotic War, the defenders of the Motherland left to go to the front, and in 1945 a train arrived here, which brought soldiers who conquered Berlin.

Belorussky Railway Station metro station

The works in which the Belorussky Railway Station

The metro station, created specifically for thisthe object is not the only thing that the Belorussian station "inspired". So, in 1970 a film with the same name was shot, in which Anatoly Papanov and Yevgeny Leonov played. There is also a play with this name.

And in the "Metro Universe" you can read about the station "Belorusskaya", whose residents specialize in trade.

Like this! Now you know what the Belorussky Railway Station (Moscow) is: a subway station, aeroexpress and just a place to enjoy! Maybe it's worth to make an excursion and see for yourself how interesting this place can be?

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