The glorious city of Simferopol: the sights that have won world fame

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For most tourists traveling around the Crimeait originates from the city of Simferopol. Sightseeing is opened by the snow-white railway station, friendly and cordially meeting all the guests of the city. Simferopol today has a second name - the gateway to the Crimea, because it is through it each season passes up to 90% of tourists. By the way, the capital of the Crimea is the most beautiful city of the peninsula - Simferopol. The sights of this city include more than 200 cultural monuments, monuments of history, architecture, archeology and town planning.

Name value and location

In translation from Greek "Simferopol" is translatedas a "city-collector" or "city of benefit." It is located in the very heart of the Crimea at the junction of the steppe and mountains, unifying all the cities of the peninsula without exception.

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History of Simferopol

This wonderful city is just over 200 years old. The history of origin is rooted in the past. Since time immemorial, people have lived in the valley of Salgir. This is confirmed by finds of archaeologists of the parking of primitive people in the cave of Chokurg. In addition, the history of Simferopol is associated with Naples Scythian (the ancient capital of the Scythian state). The ruins of the ancient capital are still located in the area of ​​Vorovskogo Street over the city. During the archaeological excavations were found remains of walls (defensive) with a thickness of up to 8.5 meters, a huge number of objects from gold and even the mausoleum of King Skiluri. Visiting Simferopol, whose sights are known to the whole world, everyone wants to visit this archaeological monument of world significance first of all.

sights of Simferopol and its surroundings

What is the city of Simferopol famous for? Sights (photos of which everyone has visited this wonderful city) amaze everyone with their beauty and cause a desire to return here again.

  • Here you can see a monument to Prince Dolgoruky, Suvorov, famous figures of art and culture, heroes of the Second World War (Great Patriotic War).
  • Also a memorial to the victims of the "Stalin expulsion" (year 1944). Exactly opposite the building of the BCARC is the famous domestic T-34 tank. It symbolizes the liberation of Simferopol from the fascist occupation.
  • Palace of Prince Vorontsov Mikhail Semenovich. It is located on the territory of the botanical TNU garden (Tavrichesky National University).
  • Beautiful parks: the city park of recreation and culture, Vorontsov Park (famous for the monument of landscape architecture Palace PS, as well as the Vorontsov's mansion).
  • Sights of Simferopol and its surroundingsalso include the Kebir-Jami Mosque, the Winter Cave, the ruins of Naples-Sfinsky, the Skel Cave (stalactite), the Republican Museum of Art and the Dincer Mansion.

All of the above is just a small partthe splendor of the famous city. One of the most visited cities of Ukraine is Simferopol. Places of interest will be remembered for the rest of your life. There you want to return more than once, because enjoy this beauty in full is simply impossible. Having visited Simferopol, you will not be disappointed either by a gram!

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