Where to go in Yekaterinburg with a child at the weekend

Many parents often think about whereYou can go to Yekaterinburg with your child. It is important that the kid remember this excursion for the rest of his life. When, however, such a question arose before you, then pay attention to the fact that you must decide this together with your children.

where to go in Yekaterinburg with a child

When you have already chosen the route and time, thendecide where to first go together with the child in Yekaterinburg so that he was interested. In the event that your child recently turned seven years old, then visit with him a park of extreme and interesting adventures, called "Mowgli". Being in this unique place, your child will be able to try his hand at those obstacles that are made of ropes. Still get him a ticket to the climbing wall.

Main places

Choosing a place to go to Ekaterinburg withchild in winter, pay your attention to the park of culture and recreation, named after the poet V.V. Mayakovsky. In the park there is a skating rink. Employees of this interesting place will offer you skates. Putting on your shoes and going out to the ice rink, you can have fun with the children.

where to go with a child in Yekaterinburg

There is always where to go with a child in Yekaterinburg

However, the most interesting and beautiful place,very favorite children, is Grand Park in the Shopping Center, which is called "Carnival". When you come there with your children, they can have fun with all the heart, thanks to a large number of attractions, run around twisting labyrinths. And hungry toddlers can reinforce their strength by visiting an ice cream parlor. When deciding where to go to Yekaterinburg with a child in order to relax, do not lose sight of the water park, which is called Limpopo. There your kid will find himself an exciting lesson on such slides as "Anaconda" and "Waterfall". In Ekaterinburg there is a zoo, where there live different extraordinary animals, as well as birds. It will be very interesting there for future biologists. For fans of exotic and thrill, a trip to a farm called Crocodileville will be unforgettable. Guides will make with the children a fascinating walk to where live spiders - tarantulas, snakes and crocodiles. However, in order to get into all these extraordinary places, tickets at the ticket office or on the site must be purchased in advance. More children will be able to visit theaters, museums, as well as visit master classes. Those children who study the laws of physics, it will be interesting to visit the park of wonders "Galileo". Little princesses will like it very much in the Butterfly Park. Those children who celebrate their name day, will be able to feed the fish there and take part in the competition with awards.

where you can go to Yekaterinburg
If you have not decided where to go toYekaterinburg with a child, then be sure to visit the water park. There, go for a drive on the roundabouts, get stuck in a bathhouse or swim in a "bagel". Believe me, children will be happy playing with you!


If you are interested in where you can go by yourselfin Yekaterinburg, be sure to visit shopping centers located in the city center. Still you can visit the center of family rest, which is called "Magnet". Be sure to visit this fascinating and beautiful place along with the children, and then you will have something to remember!

I hope we answered the main question: "Where should I go to Yekaterinburg with a child?" Good luck.

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