Blue Bay, Gelendzhik: reviews of enthusiastic tourists

Lovely Black Sea is a popular destinationsummer vacation of Russians. Being the warmest in our country, its dimensions are rather small in comparison with other seas of the world. But the Black Sea can boast of its depths, sometimes reaching up to 2,245 meters. The Black Sea can be called the youngest on our planet, but do you know that its name changed about a dozen times?

Blue Bay Gelendzhik reviews


Gelendzhik is comfortably located on the shore of the warm warm sea. Rest, Blue Bay and a sunny beach and attract tourists from all corners of our vast homeland.

Blue Bay today remains the most remotedistrict of Gelendzhik - it is located in the north-west of the city. Do not worry about remoteness - public transport and taxis regularly run in both directions. Earlier, Blue Bay was called Solntseedar, it was a beautiful name for an abundance of sunny caresses of the year - there are much more of them than in Gelendzhik itself.

If you want to stay in a quiet and calmthe place - for you Blue Bay (Gelendzhik). Feedback from those who have already rested in the area, will help you decide on the choice. Here, the cleanest water in the area and pleasure boats make special stops in the bay for bathing passengers. Convenient wide beach of pebbles, passing at the very edge of the sea in the sand. In the suburbs there are no noisy bars and clubs, so for the nightly entertainment will have to make out to Gelendzhik.

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Entertainment, which offers Blue Bay (Gelendzhik)

Reviews of enthusiastic tourists about the beauty of the localplaces above all expectations. Despite the distance from a large city, vacationers can always find entertainment for their taste, age and wallet. For lovers of fishing, all conditions are created here, so that "quiet hunting" brings only pleasure and pride in the caught catch. You can rent a boat and sail to the sea to fish or to sit with a fishing rod on one of the picturesque capes. Are you interested in the Blue Bay (Gelendzhik)? Reviews of local fishermen on the successful catch of scammers in this unique place are full of excitement and admiration.

For those who do not sit still, even in carefreevacation money, we advise you to visit an extreme club located at the entrance to the beach. A walk in the local neighborhoods on off-road cars will bring the share of adrenaline into the measured life of vacationers.

Warm clean sea, captivating air of pinebora and a large beach - all this is the Blue Bay (Gelendzhik). Reviews of couples with children about safe marine attractions say that children really liked tablets and bananas. With pleasure they rushed along the waves, squealing with delight. On the beach there are trampolines for children of different ages.

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You can book excursions from local guides andgo to dolmens and waterfalls, to Abkhazia or Novorossiysk. Or go to Gelendzhik and visit a winery there with a pleasant tasting of local produce. Children will surely enjoy a hike in the dolphinarium and safari park - a unique place in the woods where animals are kept almost free.

You are interested in this wonderful corner of the cityGelendzhik - Blue Bay? Prices here are much lower than in the city itself and for housing, and for goods in stores. Number in a private hotel will cost you from 800 to 2500 rubles per day depending on the season. Fruits and berries can be bought in the near market. However, it is necessary to stock up in cash - in a micro district it is difficult with ATMs.

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