Consulates, visa centers and the Greek Embassy in Russia - in what cities are they located?

Greece is a wonderful country thatis very attractive for many tourists. And Russians are no exception. In order to obtain a visa that is a permit to enter this country, you need to contact the Greek Embassy. In Russia it is one thing, but there are also consulates and visa centers. Well, all this should be told in more detail.

Embassy of Greece in Russia

Where to go?

The Greek Embassy in Russia is, of course,in Moscow. To be precise, in Leontief Lane, 4 (index 125009). A commercial department is located on Spiridonovka, 14. It is interesting that the embassy is located inside the main house of the city estate of the princes of Meshchersky. And the building of the General Consulate was built in 1903. However, then it was a profitable house of PS. Boytsova.

In general, the visa must go to Moscow. But this is not convenient for everyone. Because there is still a general consulate in St. Petersburg. It is located on Chernyshevsky Avenue, at No. 17.

But the residents of the southern part of Russia will be comfortableapply to the Consulate located in Novorossiysk, on Mira Street (house number 13). But that's not all. The embassy and consulates of Greece in Russia are distributed very conveniently - a resident of every part of our large country can turn to what is closest to him. There is even something that is located in Kaliningrad. This consulate was located on Ogaryov Street, in house number 33.

embassy of greece in moscow address

Visa centers

This is not the consulate or the Greek Embassy. In Russia, however, there are many such centers. These are such commercial organizations that benefit from the total number of issued visas. They greatly facilitate the work of the embassies, as they are engaged in the preparation and verification of documents and make life easier for potential tourists. True, they take a lot of money for this. If the consular fee for issuing a 90-day visa at the embassy is 35 euros, then in the center for permission to stay in the country for 21 days will have to pay 110 €.

Such centers are everywhere. And sometimes it is really more profitable for a person to go there, and not overpay to get to another city and deal with this red tape there. Peter, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara, Kaliningrad, Krasnoyarsk, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk, Sochi, Vladivostok, Ufa, Khabarovsk, Krasnodar - this is not the whole list of places where there are visa centers. At the moment there are 28 cities with Greek visa centers. And it is very convenient for many people, since you do not need to go to the Greek Embassy in Russia.

List of documents for visa

Briefly it is worthwhile to tell about what is neededpresent at the consulate to get the cherished "Schengen". In any case, you need a valid passport and a copy of the old one (if any). Internal passport pages are also required to scan and provide photocopies. The application form must also be filled in and presented together with two photographs of the format 35 by 45 mm. Still need confirmation of hotel reservations or an invitation from the host party (relatives, for example), the availability of air tickets, medical insurance and bank statement. There must be enough money on it. At least € 70 per day. And still need to produce a certificate from work or from the dean's office (for students). All this requires the presentation of the Greek Embassy in Moscow, the address of which was provided above, and the consulate. Visa centers often take on the task of processing and collecting documents for themselves, only for this will need to pay a considerable amount.

Embassy and consulates of Greece in Russia

Interesting nuance

In rare cases, applying to the embassy for a visanot required. Namely, from June 7 to September 30. During this period, you can get to Samos, Kos, Chios, Lesvos and Rhodes without a visa - but only if a person arrives from Turkey by ferry. The main thing is that the traveler has two binding things with him. It's a ferry ticket and a hotel reservation. Tour should be purchased in a travel company operating in Turkey. The day before the departure of the ferry to the company it is necessary to send copies of your passport, application for 1-fold visa and photo. And when a person arrives on the island, he will provide the originals and pay 35 euros for the service. A clever scheme, but it requires less worries.

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