What are the bus stations of Cherepovets

Of course, every vacationer who first came to the city is interested in the question of where the bus stations of Cherepovets are located.

Bus station location

In fact, the bus stations of Cherepovets are representedjust one station, which is located in the city center on Maxim Gorky Street, 44. For visitors, the bus station is very convenient because it is only 100 meters from the railway, so if necessary, to continue their journey with the guests of the city, there is no problem with the search.

The exterior of the bus station

Cherepovets bus stations

Cherepovets bus stations always like a magnet pull toeach tourist who wants to plunge into the romance of travel. This small two-storey building is striking in its simplicity of construction, because during the construction in the 70s of the last century no one even thought about highlighting the bus station among the other gray buildings. Cherepovets is famous for its smokescreens and similar buildings built during the active development of the metallurgical industry. This building, almost entirely made of glass, fits into a moody atmosphere.

Here you can appreciate all the simplicity of the Sovietconstruction, when all chased after saving the budget, and not for originality. This small building is difficult to accommodate a large number of people who want to hide from rain and snow in bad weather. On the street this can not be done, since there are no canopies.

Guests of the city can have a snack here in the buffet,existing since the opening of bus stations Cherepovets. There are no alternative food outlets here, unless you can walk to the nearest café or railway station.

How to get to the bus station

Cherepovets bus station

If after a walk around the city the travelerzasobiraetsya home, he needs to know how to come to the bus station. Cherepovets in terms of transport development is very successful. So, to get to the train stations, there are many options for buses and trams.

Through the bus station are all existing now in the city tram routes: 2,4 and 8.

The choice of buses that can bring tobus station, is huge and directly depends on the exact district of the city you are in. At the moment, you can get to the station by bus: 3, 4, 6, 7, 17, 23, 39. Some buses run directly along Gorky Street; these are routes 13, 17 and 18. This movement saves time and allows tourists get to the station without a change.

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