The history of the metro station "Krasnye Vorota"

Sokolnicheskaya line of the Moscow Metrotook the first passengers in the distant 1935. It is from this year the history of the metro station "Krasnye Vorota" begins. This oldest station, the lobby of which is located on the Garden Ring, has long become one of the many sights of the capital. It is not uncommon for Moscow Metro stations to change their data when opening the name, and some have repeatedly, but today the Krasnye Vorota metro station is located on the stretch between the Chistye Prudy and Komsomolskaya stations. These names are valid for now. For some time the station was called "Lermontovskaya", in honor of the great poet, who once appeared here. But in the second half of the eighties she was returned to the original name - the metro "Red Gate". The area where it is located is called that way. And in those years a company was going to revive Moscow's historical toponyms.

Metro Red Gate
Since the beginning of the eighteenth century this place in Moscowhad though not official, but quite stable traditional name - "Red Gate". It was called so because of the standing triumphal arch of red color, erected in honor of the victory in the Battle of Poltava.

Architectural and engineering features of the metro station "Krasnye Vorota"

This is one of the vivid examples of Soviet architectureera. The metro station "Krasnye Vorota" has its own unique architectural appearance. Dynamic lines of constructivism are combined here with the expressiveness of classic red marble. And most importantly, one does not contradict each other, but is in an organic unity. In the external solution of the lobby on the Garden Ring, a clear reference to the image of the Red Gate is visible.

metro red gate area
There is this image in the interior of the mainhall of the station. This architectural project was awarded the First Prize at one of the international exhibitions in Paris in the thirties. By its constructive type, the Krasnye Vorota station is a pylon station, a three-vaulted station. The depth of its laying exceeds 30 meters. This allowed the use of the station's premises during the Great Patriotic War as the operational headquarters of the Commissariat of Communications. Hence the management of transport flows on the railways of the Soviet Union. Trains passed the station without stops, the platform was fenced with temporary plywood partitions. This is just one example of the use of subway facilities for defense purposes. Considering the strategic tasks in the Soviet Union, many things were created, including a subway map. "The Red Gate" is no exception.
metro map red gate

North Station Vestibule

His metro station "Krasnye Vorota" found onlyin the summer of 1954. It is on the outside of the Garden Ring. The lobby is built into the high-rise building of the Ministry of Railways, which was erected on the Red Gate Square. With this strategic object, the metro station was connected during the war, when she had to play the role of his underground department. The building itself is one of the seven famous Moscow Stalin skyscrapers.

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