Krasnovishersk, Perm region: sights, their photos and history

Krasnovishersk (Perm Region) is a small town located in the north-eastern part of the region.

City on the edge

Krasnovishersk (Perm region) in the Soviet erawas a small but promising town. It worked for the pulp and paper mill, mined diamonds, oil, employed a variety of other industries. Unfortunately, now all large enterprises are declared bankrupt. Work in the city at large enterprises there. City Krasnovishersk (Perm region) included in the federal program for the development of single-industry towns in Russia.

krasnovishersk the Perm edge

The development of ecotourism has breathed new life into the life of the city. Here on vacation Krasnovishersk (Perm region) tourists from all over the region come.

City `s history

In this part of the Perm region since ancient timespeople. On the site of the city in the XIX century was the village of Vizhaikha. Nearby were found rich deposits of iron ore. In 1894-97, the Russian-French joint-stock company built a metallurgical plant here. But the deposits of ore were quickly depleted, and the plant was closed.

With the advent of Soviet power in this area, it was decidedwas to build a pulp and paper mill. Moreover, everything needed for production was available: both the forest and the river. They built the forces of prisoners who were serving time in the 4th section of the Solovki camp, which was opened here in 1926. And in 1929 the camp was renamed in Visher and became a separate unit.

July 2, 1942 Krasnovishersk officially received the status of the city. Now here live about 17 thousand people.

City Attractions

Despite its modest size, the town has several attractions, which are worth a look at the visiting tourist.

The monument to writer Varlam Shalamov, locateddowntown. The disgraced writer was serving his first term in these places. They are described in his famous novel "Vishera." The terrible events, which are the narrative in the novel, are still not forgotten by the inhabitants of the city. From the camp there is now no trace left. The monument is a memorial plaque on a stone. It was installed in 2007 to the 100th anniversary of the writer.

Krasnovishersk Perm Territory

Ethnopark "Vishera-port" is located under the opensky in the city park. Here visitors can see the real Russian and Komi-Yazvin cottages. Komi-Yazvintsy is a small nation of Russia, whose number does not exceed two thousand people, and by state standards it is not a separate ethnic group. Only in Krasnovishersk you can get acquainted with the culture and way of life of this nation. Local activists of the museum business recreate the real Russian rook as a sign that in ancient times it was Vishera that was the way to Siberia.

The fountain "Vetlan, Polyud and Vishera" was opened not solong. It is a sculptural composition of two male and female figures. The fountain embodied an ancient legend, without which none of the old town can do. According to legend, two heroes lived in this region - Polyud and Vetlan, who were best friends until they met the beautiful Vischer. Both fell in love with the girl, but only she could not choose any one. The duel of equal heroes gave no result, and they froze in stone. And Vishera rushed from grief and anguish between them and turned into a river. Since then, and flows a stormy river between two huge stones, and on the shore near that place stands Krasnovishersk. The Perm region is rich in legends and legends.

Museums and nature reserve

Local History Museum. Here visitors will be offered a rich exposition abouthistory of the region, the metallurgical plant, the extraction of diamonds and oil. Did not pass around here and the tragic pages of the history of Vishlag, one of the halls is completely dedicated to it. One of the walls is a wall of a camp barque. Here you can see archival documents, photographs and personal belongings of prisoners. And next to it there is a hall dedicated to the memory of Shalamov.

Museum of Nature of the Visher Nature Reserve. The reserve itself is located in the northeast of the region,and getting there is quite problematic. But for nature lovers in Krasnovishersk there is a museum where they tell in detail about the history of the reserve, its flora and fauna. Visitors can see stuffed birds and animals, herbariums growing in the reserve of plants. And next to the museum there is a small plot on which plants grown from the territory of the reserve are grown, a kind of reserve in miniature.

Picturesque surroundings

All the most famous sights,for the sake of which people go to Krasnovishersk, are outside the city. It is a unique place with a dense taiga, rugged rivers, steep cliffs and picturesque mountains. Virtually untouched by nature, nature with the purest air and clear water. In recent years more and more adherents of ecotourism visit Krasnovishersk. The Perm region, a photo with the kinds of which are surely spread on the Internet by amateurs and professional photographers, conquers at first sight.

The river Vishera is very beautiful in itself. In addition, during the 415 km of its current, stunning landscapes of pristine nature open up. In the people it is called the Diamond River, because near it a deposit of the hardest mineral was developed. And in the river itself you can find precious crystals. Rafting on this river can take up to a week of time and is ideal for fans of outdoor activities. Rafting starts from Krasnovishersk, and you can swim to the reserve, which is upstream.

city ​​красновишерск perm edge

The Vetlan Rock is located 3 km from Krasnovisherskon the left bank of the river. You can get there on foot. Not so long ago for the convenience of tourists was built a wooden staircase from the foot to the top. From the cliff there is a stunning view of the surroundings, the town, the channel of Vishera, with a chain of created islands of islands of isles. These islands were needed for the convenience of rafting the forest along the rugged river.

recreation center in Krasnovishersk

Stone Small Vetlan - a little smaller and located slightly north of Vetlan. From it, too, you can admire the surrounding beauty. And this stone is known for its huge grotto.

Polyud stone is the westernmost Ural peak. Its height is 517 m. The mountain is heavily overgrown with forest, but the rocky peaks attract extremals.

recreation center in Krasnovishersk

To the top is a road that can be reachedon an off-road car. But the northern slope is steep and steep - a paradise for fans of mountaineering. To get to Poljudov stone from Krasnovishersk, you need to cross Wischer to the village of Bahari.

weather week Perm
On the top of the stone you can find the footprint of the epic hero Pole.

Vishersky Reserve occupies 1.5% of the territoryPerm Territory. The territory is huge. In the season, from April to October, the entrance to the reserve is open by special passes. But the path to it is not close and rather complicated. Here you can fly by helicopter or drive a cross-country vehicle along the highway from Krasnovishersk (Perm region) to the village of Vaja, and then across the river by boat to the gates of the reserve. Now many tour operators organize excursions to the reserve, and if you want you can get there with a group of tourists.

Krasnovishersk Perm Territory

How to come to Krasnovishersk

The outskirts of the region is Krasnovishersk. The Perm region is vast and beautiful, but sparsely populated. From Krasnovishersk to the north of the settlements there is no more. And you can get to the city only by road on the asphalt road from Solikamsk, with a length of 100 km. Earlier in the city there was an airport, but now it is closed. Railway communication Krasnovishersk does not. The nearest station is in Solikamsk. In addition to private transport, you can get here by bus. 4 times a day he walks from Solikamsk, the road takes about 2 hours. And the same number of flights to Perm, but there to go about 6 hours.

Where visitors will stay

Krasnovishersk (Perm Krai) has severalhotels. The city has a cafe where you can eat delicious. For tourists arriving in groups, there is a recreation center in Krasnovishersk. The Perm region is famous for its nature and tourist routes of varying complexity. At present, this sphere is the most promising and developing one. In the area, many recreation centers are opened with rental of tourist equipment.

Climatic conditions

The weather in Krasnovishersk is prettysevere. Even in the summer months, the average daily temperature does not rise above 18 ° C, and the average annual temperature is -0.3 ° C. In the hottest month of July, the hot weather can last for a week. Krasnovishersk of Permsky Krai to spend the weekend means to get to an amazing place, to get sensations and adrenaline for the whole year.

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