Need a full and inexpensive vacation? Tuapse region is at your service!

In the south of the Krasnodar Territory there is a unique Tuapse district. It occupies a rather large area - 80 km in length and 43 km in width. From the north the region closes the Caucasian ridge.

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The city of Tuapse and neighboring villages offeronly a wellness, but also an entertaining holiday. Tuapse region is characterized by an excellent climate, developed infrastructure and democratic prices.


This is the most important Black Sea port of Russia and the resortSimultaneously. The tourist season here lasts a long time: already from the middle of May the water in the sea warms up to +18 ºС, and it begins to cool down only in the middle of October. Like many southern cities, in the holiday season Tuapse is filled with holidaymakers and begins to live a cheerful and idle life. In the city there are three beaches: Central (the most visited and landscaped), "Seaside" and "Spring" (located on the outskirts of the city).

In fact, this city is not officially consideredresort, although many tourists go here on vacation. Tuapse region is characterized by lower prices for housing, food and entertainment than its neighbors - Sochi and Gelendzhik.


Only 16 kilometers from Tuapse is locatedthe village of Nebug. Despite the fact that the resort is small in size, you do not have to be bored. In this small territory almost all the existing types of entertainment have concentrated: water park, ice palace, dolphinarium and many others. In Nebug, a number of hotel and recreation complexes of high class are also built.


There is another place wherequiet and active holidays. Tuapse district, Ol'ginka is the choice not only of married couples, but also of youth. A couple of years ago in this modern village a new embankment was built, where discos, bars and cozy cafes are located near the sea. Many travelers prefer Holguinka because of its crystal clear sea and flat terrain.


Novomikhailovsky, or Novomikhailovka, as hismany are called, is a large village, which is located 40 km from Tuapse. The resort completely corresponds to such concept, as high-grade rest. The Tuapse district, and in particular the Novomikhailovsky settlement, will satisfy the demands of all tourists regardless of age and status. For children, the All-Russian Center "Orlyonok" was built here, and for adults there are many entertainment establishments.


This fast-developing resort promises to allVisitors come with a lot of pleasant impressions. Here you can dive on all kinds of slides in the water park, make a leisurely horse ride or an extreme trip on an ATV or a jeep. The peculiarity of Lermontovo is that in the coastal region and in the vicinity of the village there is an abundance of car camping sites where you can spend an unforgettable and at the same time most economical vacation. Tuapse district, Lermontovo is a resort that specializes in tourism, that is why there are few local people here.


It is located 7 km to the south of Tuapse. This village with a lot of wild beaches, as a rule, choose lovers of a quiet and secluded holiday. If crowds of people and dusty cities annoy you, then you are here.


Nearest town on the beachfrom the side of Krasnodar - Dzhubga. Autotourists, vacationers from neighboring areas and simply connoisseurs of picturesque species - they all come to this charming place to spend their summer vacation. Tuapse district in the north begins with the village of Dzhubga. The infrastructure of the resort is developing rapidly every year.


Shepsi is the most southern resort of Tuapsedistrict. In this part of the region you can observe a unique picture: the mountains are getting higher, the Mediterranean climate changes to subtropical, and deciduous forests are replaced by evergreen vegetation. Due to its extraordinary beauty and transparent sea, Shepsi is considered to be the best children's and family resort.


A quiet and cozy village of Agoy is separated from Tuapsehigh Agoy pass. This is truly the most picturesque place on the Black Sea coast. Subtropical vegetation, waterfalls and high mountain peaks - all this is just like a magnet attracts thousands of tourists to the resort from year to year.

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We hope that you have thought about resting in the Tuapse region. 2013 still has time to please everyone with a warm sea and affectionate sun rays.

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