Surikova Art Museum (Krasnoyarsk)

State Museum-Estate of Surikov(Krasnoyarsk), an outstanding painter, was donated to the city by the artist's daughters in the 1930s. After fifteen years, to the centenary of the birth of the painter, a solemn opening of this historical monument was held.

The Art Museum has over 15.5 thousand exhibits on its balance sheet.
Its main attraction isCossack estate with a house where Vasily Surikov lived and worked in Krasnoyarsk. Museums of such profile are an excellent place to preserve history and acquaint the younger generation with it.

Surikov's museum of Krasnoyarsk

Main activities and directions

The whole museum is one of the most uniquecollections of works of art beyond the Urals. Having visited it, you can get acquainted with the works of Khakass masters of national costume and jewelry art. Do not leave indifferent and work of Tuvan craftsmen carving wood and stone. They will carry far away the products of Chukchi and Yakut bone carvers.

Excursion around the museum

The Surikov Museum (Krasnoyarsk) is atwo-storey building. On the ground floor are exhibited personal items and interior items of the artist's family. Until 1948 they were kept in the Krasnoyarsk Museum of Local History. And another part of the works of art came from the family of P. I. Kuznetsov, thanks to the generosity and patronage of which Surikov was able to leave Krasnoyarsk to Petersburg. There he studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts.

On the second floor, where the workshop of the great artist was located, his works presented to them by their own mother and brother earlier were presented.

Surikov in the Krasnoyarsk museums

Unique collections

Surikova Art Museum (Krasnoyarsk)filled with unique collections. Here is represented a whole collection of subjects of artistic painting and graphic works of Surikov himself. Also there is a unique collection of Russian avant-garde works, including K. Malevich and D. Shterenberg.

In the halls are exhibits that are unknowna wide range of connoisseurs of painting. This self-portrait of Vasily Surikov, presented to the museum by his grandsons, watercolors and personal belongings of the artist, books, photographs and letters. In total, there are about 90 works by Vasily Ivanovich himself. The ideology of his work goes deep into childhood and adolescence. He drew inspiration from the impressions of those years spent in his native estate. His other works can be found in the Petersburg Russian Museum, in the museum collections of Ryazan, Perm, Tula, Omsk, Saratov, Tver, Kaluga, Kirov, the Moscow Theological Academy, in Donetsk (Ukraine) and many others.

museum manor of Surikov krasnoyarsk

A bit of history

The Surikov House Museum (Krasnoyarsk) is preserved untilalmost our original time. He was built as the father of a brilliant artist, as they say, without a single nail, from larch. Change has undergone only the wing, built by his brother Vasily. In this house, he always returned, already being known as a talented painter. Here, until the end of his days, lived the mother of the artist, Cossack Praskovya Feodorovna Surikova, as well as his brother Alexander. With his brother VI Surikov was very close spiritually, trusting him with his thoughts and impressions, especially in the difficult period for Vasily, after the death of his wife. It was Alexander who inspired Vasily to write "Taking a Snowy Town". This masterpiece appeared precisely within the walls of the father's house.

Данное здание еще и уникально тем, что в нем high officials and public figures stopped, as well as researcher Fridtjof Nansen. Basil was attracted and fascinated by Siberian nature. He admired the quick and clean Yenisei, the mountains, which seemed to consist entirely of precious stones. Coming to his land, he worked a lot on landscapes.

At the end of 2002 a monument to the great artist was erected on the territory of the manor.
Surikova Art Museum (Krasnoyarsk)collects, preserves, popularizes the cultural heritage. Its founders pursued the main goal - to educate the public, introducing it to the richness of art and culture.

art museum of Surikov Krasnoyarsk

commercial activity

The museum plays an important role in the development of society. Serves as a treasure-keeper for future generations. And also creates a continuous connection between the past and the future.
The Surikov Museum (Krasnoyarsk) offers commercial types of cooperation:

  • exhibitions of large collections and their own collections;
  • excursions, thematic and overview, in different languages;
  • lectures;
  • museum lessons;
  • musical evenings and other events.
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