Caribbean Switzerland

This archipelago has more than two thousandcoral reefs, creating an amazing ecological system. Thanks to the uniqueness of the natural beauty of the islands, the lush nature of the tropics, the mild climate, opportunities for water sports, the Bahamas attract tourists here all year round.

The Bahamas - "Caribbean Switzerland"

Here every traveler will be able to find himselfA place that he will like most. The charm of the colonial era can be imagined by the historical Nassau, which is the capital that combines ultramodern buildings and colonial architecture. Modernity awaits tourists in Freeport, which is considered the second largest city on the archipelago. Here is the Rand Memorial, the Nature Center, where museums are built, parks are divided into which there are more than five thousand varieties of exotic plants from different corners of the earth. Out-Azlands will offer a quiet, peaceful holiday.

In the Bahamas, tourists have the opportunity to plunge intomagnificent sandy beaches in a fabulous atmosphere full of tranquility. If the idleness gets bored, then the islands of Long Island, Exuma, Abakos, Eleuthera can offer numerous options for outdoor activities: scuba diving, diving, golf ... The Bahamas are considered a traditional resting place for rich people, so the level of service offered corresponds to a high level of the resort, it's not for nothing that this state is called "Caribbean Switzerland".

Tours to the Bahamas

In the Bahamas tours are in constant demand. They represent a paradise, having an exotic nature, a measured, quiet pace of life, a vibrant culture. All this is famous Bahamas tours prices which are kept at a stable level, are populareven because of a good climate: in the north it is a tropical trade-wind, in the southern part - subtropical. The temperature in summer is +26 - +32 degrees Celsius, but the trade winds noticeably soften the hot heat.

The Bahamas seemed to be strung bya string of monist from bright, precious stones, and the warm current of the Gulf Stream is washed by them. Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas in 1492, but their modern history is told not by the aborigines of the islands - the Indians. This is done by lovers of adventure, for which the island of Eleuthera has become a new home, where there are no European prejudices and the right to freely choose religion. There were settlements of pirates, which were considered a place of settling for many sea robbers. The Bahamas has always been attracted by its diverse cultures.

And those who love the so-called "wild" rest, can spend it on the island of Andros.

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