What kind of food to take to the train, if there is a long road ahead?

What kind of food to take to the train? Probably, this question at least once in life, every person asked. Many will say: they say, you need to fly by airplane and do not clog your head with all sorts of nonsense. There you will receive lunch in plastic packing, and you will save time. Of course, it's difficult to argue with this. However, how to still be the one who for some reason can not take a plane ticket and provide all the caring stewardesses? You can eat in the dining car; but those who often travel in trains know that prices there "bite", and the products are often not the first freshness. On "station" grandmothers with pies and smoked fish, too little hope - not the fact that they will carefully wait for you with delicacies at each stop. There remains only one - in advance to purchase supplies.

what kind of food to take to the train

Grocery set

So, what kind of food to take to the train? Most people will answer confidently: ham in slicing, soups and instant mashed potatoes, crackers, croutons, chips ... It's all very convenient to take with you, but think: what kind of blow will these "dishes" bring to your stomach? Therefore, fast food is not worth pursuing. The same can be said about boiled eggs and chicken in foil - a standard set of Soviet times. They are not very convenient to carry, and the smell is unlikely to please your fellow travelers. Food on the train should be as useful, tasty and convenient for transportation as possible. It is also necessary to take into account such a factor as high temperature. If you, for example, carry a child in the summer to the sea, be prepared for the fact that your food will quickly deteriorate, as there are no refrigerators in either a reserved seat or even in a compartment.

Food for hot weather

What kind of food to take to the train, if you go tothe road from May to September? The best option - baby food, which is sold in jars. Do not think that it is suitable only for toddlers: fruit, meat and vegetable purees are very tasty, quickly satisfy hunger and calmly stored at a temperature of up to 25 degrees. Throw in a bag of five-ten sachets of instant porridge. When you get hungry, just pour it over with boiling water.

food on the train
The benefits of oatmeal are known to everyone - it is excellentaffects the stomach and does not contain excess calories. Remember: if you decide what to take on a train, the food need not be fat and heavy. A long trip is not an excuse to give up the usual diet. By the way, on the first day of the baby it is quite possible to indulge home dishes: broths, steam cutlets, boiled chicken breast - all this can be stored in a thermos till five o'clock.

Fruit, nuts, dried fruits

On the question of what kind of food to take to the train, manyadvise to get more sweets: caramels, cookies, crackers, drying, chocolate ... Everyone knows that you always want to chew something on the way. However, obedience to this advice, you run the risk of entering the platform with a couple of extra pounds. To avoid such embarrassment, stock up with nuts and dried fruits. Dried apricots, figs, raisins, dates - you can eat them with tea, without fear of getting better. Do not forget also about fruits and vegetables: what can be better than before eating a juicy apple, a crisp cucumber or a sweet carrot? Just do not forget to wash them thoroughly before use: in the general car it is easy to catch an infection.

what to take on the train food

What should I leave in the fridge?

Do not take a dairy and sour milkproducts: milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt - all this spoils instantly. We advise you to refrain from the smelling delicacies: smoked sausage, onion, garlic, dried fish.

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