Anapa Bus Station: location and timetable

Anapa is a famous resort in Russia. Every year this city is visited by thousands of tourists. You can get to Anapa by plane, train or bus.

The railway station is atransport terminal of modern type. It is located three kilometers from the city. There are waiting rooms with comfortable seats, air conditioners. On the territory there are cafeterias and shops. Near the station there are bus stops and taxi stops.

anapa bus station

Anapa bus station is in possessionstructural division of OJSC "KubanpassagazhiravtoService". The building was built in Soviet times, but after renovation, which was recently completed, acquired a modern look. It has a waiting room and there are automatic storage rooms. Is the bus station on the street. Red Army, 11.

Opposite the building there is a parking lot for taxis and cars. At night, the bus station and the ticket office do not work. At the same time, the waiting room is closed.

Anapa Bus Station located at the stop of transport "Centralmarket. Bus station". Up to this place you can get a taxi from the city, Vityazevo and Pionersky Avenue. Bus number 128 stops at the bus stop from the street. K. Solovyanoy. He carries passengers to Vityazevo. From the street. Krasnoarmeyskaya there is a stop of city buses, which are moving in the opposite direction, towards the microdistricts of the city.

bus station anapa schedule

Anapa bus station is located near the citycentral product market. It is to the left of the building. There are various grocery stores, a shopping arcade of the clothing market, catering points. Behind the market is the Crimean street - the central street of Anapa. From this point you can reach by bus to any district or suburb.

Anapa Bus Station has such transport routes that allow passengers to reach any city in the Krasnodar Territory. Buses carry out transportation to other regions of Russia and Ukraine.

The schedule includes daily flights, as well asFlights that are carried out only on even and odd numbers. Buses leave from Anapa bus station, which is the starting point or transit. "KubanpassagazhiravtoService" cooperates with various auto carriers.

Ticket offices are located on the side of the street. Red Army.

bus station anapa phone

Specify the time to send buses or get other necessary information by phone, by calling Anapa bus station.

Telephone cash registers - (86133) 5-68-61.

Reference - (86133) 5-07-37.

The schedule of direct daily flights on the route Anapa - Krasnodar can be found by phone or on the website of "Kubanpassagazharavto service".

The bus departs in this direction every hour from 5:30 to 16:30. He is on the road 3 hours 30 minutes and arrives at the Krasnodar central bus station.

Every day through the bus station Anapa (scheduleit is quite simple to specify) in transit buses go in the direction of Krasnodar, Armavir, Kislovodsk, Kropotkin, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol and White Clay.

The schedule should be specified on the eve of the trip, as the auto carrier reserves the right to make changes to long-distance flights.

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