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One of the favorite vacation spots in Greece isOur compatriots have long been the island of Crete. It attracts numerous tourists with developed tourist infrastructure, magnificent beaches, the availability of various hotels for every taste and purse. If you want to spend an unforgettable vacation in Crete and at the same time save money on the hotel, we recommend to consider Mari Beach 3 * as a place for accommodation. We suggest today to learn more about this hotel and find out whether tourists from Russia liked it here.

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Where is

Hotel Mari Beach 3 * (Crete) on the map you are easycan be found on the coast in the east direction from the resort town of Georgioupolis. The hotel is separated from it by a distance of five kilometers. Just 300 meters from the hotel is located the tourist village of Kavros. So all of its infrastructure for the guests of "Mari Beach" is within walking distance.

How to get there

If you keep your way to the Mari Beach Hotel, it's betterin total as the airport of arrival to choose Hanju. In Crete, there is another air harbor. It is located in the city of Heraklion, but to the hotel from here to go further. The distance is Mari Beach 3 * (Crete) - Chania is only 37 kilometers. So after arrival to the hotel you can get in about 45 minutes. It is very convenient, especially for tourists traveling with children.

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Photos and description

Mari Beach is a small three-star hotel,The first time he opened his doors to guests in 1988. The last repair was carried out in 2007. It consists of six small buildings, offering all comers to stay in comfortable rooms. Also the hotel has a picturesque green area with a swimming pool, restaurant and bar. Just a couple of dozen meters from the pool is a sandy beach. Mari Beach 3 * (Crete), reviews of tourists serve as a confirmation, it is an excellent place for a quiet comfortable holiday by the sea. Here, for sure, like family travelers with children, and young people.

Hotel Policies

Check-in at the hotel according to the rules is madeafter two o'clock in the afternoon. But in fact the staff of "Mari Beach" always tries to accommodate arriving guests immediately after arrival. On the day of departure, it is necessary to release the room before noon.

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Number of rooms

Hotel Mari Beach 3 * (Crete) has in its61 comfortable rooms. They are in six small buildings. The hotel's housing stock is standard, as well as family rooms. Each of them has its own bathroom with a bath or shower, TV, telephone, Wi-Fi. For an additional fee, you can use the safe and minibar. Most of the rooms overlook the sea. Cleaning in the rooms spend every day, and linens and towels are updated several times a week.


Mari Beach Hotel 3 * (Crete) offers itsThe guests are provided with all-inclusive meals. Three times a day the restaurant offers a buffet. In addition, during breaks between the main meals you can have a bite of delicious pastries in the hotel cafeteria. There is a "Marie Beach" and a bar, where an experienced bartender will treat you with a drink for every taste.

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Beach holidays

Just 20 meters from the hotel is locatedmagnificent beach. It is a municipal one, so you will have to pay for renting sunbeds and umbrellas. The beach here is sandy, in the water near the shore there is a narrow strip of pebbles, and then again the sand. Thanks to a gentle approach, it is very convenient to relax with young children.

Cost of accommodation

The price of accommodation in Mari Beach 3 * (Crete) is quiteIt corresponds to the category of the hotel and the services it offers. So, a seven-day accommodation for two in the summer will cost you in the amount of 35 thousand rubles.

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Mari Beach 3 * (Crete): reviews about the location, equipment and food of the hotel

In order for people who plan to spend theirvacation in the three-star Cretan hotel "Mari Beach", there was a more complete and close to reality view of this place, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the impressions of our compatriots who happened to visit here. A little running ahead, we note that most of the tourists were very pleased with their choice of hotel. They do not exclude that they will stop here again during a new trip to Crete, and also are ready to recommend "Mari Beach" to all their friends and acquaintances planning a trip to the coast of Greece. But we'll figure it out in more detail.

So, let's start with the numbers. According to tourists, they are quite spacious, clean and pleasantly decorated. In addition, it is noticeable that more recently in Mari Beach 3 * (Crete) was renovated. Here you are unlikely to find new and modern furniture and equipment, but the entire available situation is in good and working condition. Another advantage of our compatriots found the fact that almost all of the hotel rooms offer a magnificent view of the sea and mountains. So, sitting on the balcony, you can enjoy a pleasant sea breeze, azure smoothness and the sound of waves. In addition, the tourists were pleased with the fact that the rooms have safes. You can use them at an additional cost. Also travelers note the presence of a Wi-Fi signal in the rooms. However, it was not everywhere equally good. The quality of cleaning, as well as the regularity of changing linen and towels, our compatriots were also satisfied.

Many tourists are positive aboutlocation of Mari Beach. So, the hotel is literally a couple of dozen meters from the beach in a calm and quiet place. To the facilities of the same tourist infrastructure, guests of Mari Beach 3 * (Crete) can walk literally in 5-10 minutes. Therefore, your relaxed rest here is nothing to stop. At the same time, if you want, you can always quickly reach any entertainment. From the hotel it is convenient to travel to the surrounding settlements, because next to it there is a bus stop. In addition, experienced travelers strongly recommend that all holidaymakers in Crete take at least a couple of days rent a car and travel to the interesting places of this Greek island.

Almost every tourist who writes a review abouthotel, considers it his duty to elaborate on the topic of food. Mari Beach was not an exception to this rule. So, most of the guests of this hotel remained quite satisfied with the quality of the food they offered. Our compatriots basically fed on the "all inclusive" system. According to them, you can eat five times a day if you want. In addition to basic meals, guests were also offered a bite of delicious pastries between breakfast and lunch, as well as a couple of hours before dinner. In addition, many tourists pay attention to the fact that most of the products offered in the restaurant of the hotel are natural and are produced on the own farm of the owners of Mari Beach 3 * (Greece, Crete). This applies to fruits, vegetables, cheeses and other dairy products, as well as meat. Agree, eat ecologically clean products grown and made practically in front of you - this is a pretty pleasant bonus to an already excellent rest on the sea coast. Of course, the choice of dishes here was not as extensive as in five-star hotels, however, the quality of the products and their masterful preparation were not much left indifferent.

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Comments about the staff

It is necessary not to mention the hotel staff, becausereviews of many travelers in one way or another affect this topic. So, according to the majority of our compatriots, all the employees of "Mari Beach" are friendly, pleasant, attentive and perfectly coping with their duties people. In particular, many guests note the hostess of the hotel called Marie. According to our compatriots, she meets all guests as family members, and tries to do everything possible to create a comfortable home environment for them. Despite the fact that the staff at the hotel does not speak Russian, you can always easily explain yourself in basic English.

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Impressions of guests about water activities in Mari Beach

Considering travelers' reviews of the beachhotel, one can not help but highlight the comments connected directly with the beach. So, Mari Beach 3 * (Crete) is really located just a stone's throw from the coastline. The beach here is sandy. When entering the water there is a two-meter pebble strip, and then again sand. For the rental of sun beds here you will have to pay 2 euros. Sunset in the water is gentle, so it is very convenient to relax even with young children.

Also our compatriots are positivespeak about the hotel pool. According to them, it is large enough, clean and has a section for children. In addition, from the sun terrace, located next to the pool, offers a magnificent view of the sea.

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