Cyprus - full of ancient traditions of the island. Paphos - a treasure trove of unique sights

About the Republic of Cyprus, shrouded in legends, they knowmany tourists. We can say that this is one of the most popular destinations, and the comfortable climate and abundance of sights makes the resort attractive in the eyes of foreigners who dream of a wonderful vacation. Every year hundreds of thousands of travelers hurry to a hospitable exotic island.

Paphos, located on the Mediterranean coast, is considered the historical capital of Cyprus, consisting of the officially recognized Greek part and the unrecognized Turkish.

Climate and weather

An ancient city offers a lot of entertainmentfor all arrived for a good mood. The UNESCO-protected tourist center welcomes visitors all year round, however the high season lasts from June to September. It is at this time that the average air temperature reaches 27 degrees.

Paphos Island

In winter, the resort, which sinks into silence,offers rooms in hotels at a discounted prices several times. The humid climate, characteristic only for January, is not a hindrance to those who dream of touching Greek history. By the way, the weather often pleases with sunny days and warm temperatures reaching up to 17 degrees, so we can say that a completely new format of recreation for tourists arriving to have fun in the winter on the island begins.

Paphos is loved for a long-lasting swimming season, which begins in May and lasts until October, and sometimes guests take water baths in November.

Tourist centre

A city with a developed infrastructure for a long timehas established itself as a popular tourist destination. At the resort, offering for its guests a variety of apartments for every purse and taste, everyone will find accommodation. Here you can book chic villas overlooking the sea, swimming pools, spas, and cheap apartments, not inferior in quality of service, which is famous for its attractive island for tourists.

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Paphos: hotels

Among the four-star hotels the most popularCyprotel Cypria Maris, Aliathon Holiday Village, Amphora Hotel & Suites, Avlida Hotel. Located on the beach and designed for a relaxing holiday, they are waiting for foreign travelers to offer them the very best. The staff, who knows Russian, will help to understand all the intricacies and will tell you about the interesting places with which the colorful island is famous for the whole world. Paphos is a real storehouse of man-made and natural monuments, and all tourists note that they spent their holidays not only on the beaches, but also saw unique corners that are not equal in beauty.

Homeland of Aphrodite

An ancient city is not in vain called an open museum,because cultural and historical treasures here can not be counted. The resort center is not only white beaches and night entertainment, but also a huge number of attractions making Paphos unique.

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The richest cultural heritage and diverseexcursion program attracts all travelers who choose as their place of recreation a picturesque island. Pathos is considered the birthplace of Aphrodite, and its most beautiful corners are connected with the goddess.

Bay, where, according to legend, came out of the foam forevera young daughter of the great Zeus, is the most popular place among the guests of the city, and it seems that the local landscape has not changed for several centuries, and the grotto, in which the seductress took baths, amazes with amazing beauty. Tourists seek to swim on the beach next to the natural landmark to get a gift from a beautiful goddess - beauty and youth.

Ancient burials

Interesting excursion to the tombs, in whichburied local aristocrats, like lovers of ancient history. Burials, made before our era, are hollowed out right in the hill and look like underground chambers. Because of the special luxury, they got the name royal. The spacious halls, decorated with carved columns and frescos, incredibly proud of the legendary island. Paphos (Cyprus) takes care of saving for the descendants of the world's oldest tombs. Now archaeological work is carried out, bringing new finds every year.

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Ancient monuments, naturalattractions, comfortable hotels, the hospitality of the local people - these are good reasons to visit the island of Cyprus. The city of Paphos awaits guests and offers an interesting program for recreation for adults and children.

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