Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 *, Egypt, Hurghada: reviews, photo

If you are looking for a comfortable, butinexpensive resort hotel, offering a lot of opportunities for entertainment for all categories of tourists, then pay attention to Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 * (Hurghada, Egypt).

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Four-star "Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort"located almost in the heart of such a popular Egyptian resort town, as Hurghada, on the shores of the Red Sea. The nearest airport is at a distance of only eight kilometers.

Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 *: photo, general description

This hotel began its work in 1995. It is located on an area of ​​134 thousand square meters. meters and offers guests a lot of opportunities for entertainment. "Dessole Aladdin" has at its disposal 539 rooms of "standard" and "superior" categories. All apartments have comfortable furniture, telephone, TV with cable channels, air conditioning, bathroom with hairdryer, minibar, balcony or terrace.

The food here is provided by the "ol" systeminclusive ". Guests can eat in the main restaurant, working in the buffet format, as well as in the "a la carte" restaurants that offer dishes of Mongolian, Egyptian, Turkish, Italian and French cuisine.

In the hotel there are swimming pools for adultsand children, sun terraces, six bars with a wide selection of drinks and snacks, sports grounds, a fitness center, shops, a mini club and much more. Animation is provided in the daytime and in the evening. In the afternoon, guests are offered to do aqua aerobics, step, gymnastics, play beach volleyball, water polo, darts, shoot archery and take part in fun contests. In the evenings, there are entertaining shows, including those with the participation of guest artists.

As for the contingent,"Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort" travelers come to rest travelers from Russia and other CIS countries. A small part of the tourists comes from Germany. Therefore, most of the staff here understands the Russian language well. So no problems in communication with our compatriots in the hotel will not arise.

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Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 *: reviews of Russian travelers

As you know, today you can find massinformation concerning hotels in different countries of the world. However, according to many tourists, the most informative are the comments of people who already happened to stay in a particular hotel. After all, they learned from their experience both about the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel and are ready to inform them about those who are just planning their trip and are at the stage of choosing a hotel. To save you time and energy, we offer you to get acquainted with the generalized reviews of our compatriots who recently spent their holidays in Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 * (Hurghada). Just note that, like in the case of most hotels, there were people who were not very happy with staying here. However, most of the tourists' reviews are positive and point to the fact that this hotel is well suited to both its category and its cost and is a good option for living on holiday in the Red Sea. But we will learn more about everything.

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Number of rooms

In general, about the apartments of this hotelour compatriots have no complaints. According to them, due to the fact that the hotel is not new, the furniture and appliances in the rooms are not modern. However, everything is of good quality and in working order. If suddenly there is some breakdown, then after contacting the reception it will be quickly eliminated. As noted in their reviews of travelers, if you do not like something apartments, which you are settled on arrival, then you can ask the administrator to offer you others. As a rule, guests go to meet and offer a choice of several rooms. Some travelers pointed out in their comments to the fact that the hotel does not always poison insects. Therefore, sometimes annoying mosquitoes can disturb at night. So it's better to take care of this beforehand, taking with you from the house a remedy for insects. In the rest, there were no complaints about the apartments.

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Working as maid at the Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort4 * (Hurghada) most tourists were satisfied. According to them, cleaning is carried out every day. At the same time often the maids construct from the towels amusing figures of swans, etc. As some of our compatriots note, they left the tips in the room quite deservedly. As for the change of bed linen, it was produced a couple of times a week. Towels are changed as needed. So, if you want clean towels to be given to you, then you must throw used on the floor.

Check in, check out

As our compatriots note, inAccording to the rules of the hotel, room keys are given to new arrivals after two o'clock in the afternoon. However, in most cases, tourists who arrived at the hotel much earlier than this time simply put 10 dollars into their passports, transferring them to the administrator, then they settled them almost immediately. But even in the event that you have to wait for the estimated hour, it's not necessary to do this, bored in the hall. So, you can go to a restaurant, walk around the grounds, relax by the pool or go straight to the beach.

On the day of departure, the number must be vacated before noon. At the same time, for an additional fee, you can extend your stay for several hours if necessary.

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Many tourists admit that their choice fell onDessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 * (Egypt, Hurghada) also because next to it there are two more hotels of the same network "Dessole", the territory and part of the infrastructure of which you can freely use. After all, this greatly expands the possibilities for an interesting pastime. As for the territory of the "Aladdin Beach Resort" itself, it is big enough, well-groomed, green. There are many flowering plants, large palm trees. So, relaxing in this hotel, you can find a lot of suitable for a great photo shoot of places.

Restaurants, bars

In the opinion of the majority of our compatriots,food in Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 * (Egypt, Hurghada) is organized at a very decent for a four-star hotel level. So, in the restaurant guests can taste a variety of dishes of both national and international cuisine. Always available are meat, fish, poultry, seafood, two types of soup, salads, snacks, vegetables in various forms, fresh fruit, pastries and gorgeous desserts. Also, according to family travelers, the restaurant has a children's table. There are dishes without spices that are suitable for children. So it's simply impossible to stay hungry at the hotel. In addition, the guests of Aladdin Beach Resort have the opportunity to visit restaurants "a la carte", located in the neighboring hotels - "Dessole Jasmin" and "Dessole Ali Baba". Here you can taste dishes of Turkish and Italian cuisine.

As for alcoholic beverages, in the opinion ofthose who have already been on vacation in Egypt more than once, they are standard for hotels in this country. So, local wine is not popular with everyone. But, according to many of our compatriots, beer and more strong drinks have quite decent quality. Most tourists here drink rum with cola.

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Hotel Dessole Aladdin Beach Resort 4 * (Hurghada),according to travelers, has a fairly large sandy, well-equipped beach. So, here there is a sufficient number of sun loungers, sun umbrellas and mattresses for everyone. There is also a bar on the beach where you can have a snack or order a favorite drink. Guests always have the opportunity to do water sports (for a fee). Equipment can be rented on the beach.

With regard to entering the water, then, according to manytourists, here it is flat, but quite stony. For adult tourists this will not be a problem, besides they can always go down the stairs from the pier. If you come to rest with young children, then, according to the advice of experienced travelers, you can go to the beach of the neighboring hotel "Dessole Jasmine". Sunset in the water here is very gentle, and at the bottom only a fine sand. Therefore, you do not have to worry about that your baby can damage the leg.

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As our compatriots note, in thisthe hotel always has something to do. So, the guests happily bathe in the pools and sunbathe on the nearby comfortable sun loungers. Loungers here, according to tourists, quite a lot. Therefore, there is no need to borrow them early in the morning. As for swimming pools, they are not equipped with heating. Therefore, the water in them can be cool in the winter.

A big plus of this hotel complex,as already noted earlier, the guests consider the possibility of using the infrastructure of neighboring hotels. It's not always free, but in any case you do not have to go far. So, for example, in the hotel "Dessole Ali Baba" there is a large water park. The guests of "Aladdin" are given the opportunity to visit it once for free. According to tourists, there are a lot of excellent water slides and entertainment, which will please both children and adults. Also on the territory of this hotel there is a skating rink, which works all year round. But in the hotel "Jasmine" many enjoyed walking to visit the local mini-zoo.

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