Ivankovskoe Reservoir - a favorite holiday destination

Ivankovskoe reservoir, which Muscovitesproudly called the Moscow Sea, is located not far from Konakovo. It appeared on the map of the Moscow Region in 1937, during the construction of the Moscow Canal. Flooded was a huge area. In the flood zone, an old town of Korchev and several villages were found. Today, experts believe that this was due to an error in the calculations - the water rose higher than planned.

Ivankovo ​​Reservoir
Ivankovskoe reservoir is used as a reservoir-cooler of Konakovskaya GRES. The power plant discharges warm waste water into it.

Today the Ivankovskoe reservoir representsa large pond, whose shoreline is cut by small bays. There are recreation centers of Moscow enterprises, as well as fishing and sports facilities.

The Moscow Sea is a huge and unusual pond. It occupies the entire northern part of the Moscow region and separates it from Tverskaya. On the banks of the Ivankovsky reservoir there are two cities - Dubna and Konakovo. The magnificent nature of these places attracts tourists, fishermen and hunters.

If you want a good rest, without going far from home, then you need to go
holiday at the Ivanivka Reservoir
in outskirts of Moscow. There are many beautiful places here. Especially popular is the recreation at the reservoirs - beautiful picturesque corners with comfortable beaches and clean air. One of the most loved and visited places of recreation - Ivankovskoe reservoir, perhaps the most beautiful pond of the region. This is a true paradise for those who like to relax outside the city. Rest assured that the rest at the Ivankovskoye reservoir will be no worse than at the seaside. There are many recreation centers of various enterprises and boarding houses.

We will get to know one more base of rest -"Berth". It works on the shore of the Ivankovsky reservoir all year round and offers its guests an excellent holiday on the cleanest and most beautiful beach in the Moscow Sea and its islands. You can stay in a cozy house on the water. At your disposal will be provided a well-equipped kitchen, where you can prepare your own breakfast, lunch or dinner, fry shish kebab. You will have a unique opportunity to order environmentally friendly rustic products, without preservatives and food additives.

Ivankovo ​​Reservoir Fishing
Your car will stand in a guarded parking lot, andif you arrive by bus or train, the friendly staff will meet you and guide you to the recreation center. Double room here costs 1000 rubles per day, and a double "Lux" - 1500 rubles per day.

If someone thinks that rest on the reservoirtoo monotonous, he will be able to see the contrary on the basis of the "berth". You will be offered a fascinating walk on a motor yacht, where you will be alone with the sea, sky and birds. You will feel fresh, clean and invigorating air, feel a rush of new strength. Lovers of secluded rest can make a trip to the uninhabited islands of the Moscow Sea and feel like Robinsons. You can collect mushrooms, berries, enjoy the beauties of the magnificent nature.

If you came to the Ivankovskoe reservoir -Fishing can become for you not only your favorite pastime, but also a passionate competition. Dozens of anglers compete in the ability to catch as many fish as possible in a short period of time.

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