Rest on Lake Baikal: Small Sea. A trip to Baikal. Base on Lake Baikal

It's never too late to rest, but as soon as thisThe long-awaited moment comes, thousands of vacation options spring up in thought. It remains only to choose the most suitable. Some like active recreation, while others prefer to relax on the sandy beaches near the sea. But there are places in which you can connect both. As one of the options, you can plan a holiday at Baikal (the Small Sea will be a worthy alternative to all popular foreign resorts). This is a truly wonderful place, giving tourists many opportunities. So, local residents offer visitors various kinds of entertainment, excursions, comfortable accommodation and much more.

rest on Baikal small sea

Baikal is a paradise lake

Perhaps some do not know, but Baikal isthe deepest lake on the planet. It is located in Eastern Siberia and is a large fresh water reservoir. Due to its large size, the lake has a wide variety of flora and fauna. Unique landscapes and unusual inhabitants will delight any tourist. To all people who like amazing nature and simply charming atmosphere, we recommend rest on Baikal. The small sea is part of the lake, which is separated by the island of Olkhon. Its length is amazing: it is 70 km. There are other islands in it, such as Zamogoi, Khibin, Izhilhei, Oltrek and others.

Many local residents (and indeed in Russia in generalthere is such an opinion) consider Lake Baikal by the sea. This is not surprising, because its length is 620 km, and the width is from 24 to 79 km. This is impressive, as some seas are not worth and compare with Baikal. It should be noted that in the ranking of the largest lakes in the world, it occupies the sixth place.

Interesting information about Lake Baikal

small town of bikal
A trip to Baikal can become unforgettable. All around has to pacify and relax. In addition, the landscapes around are fascinating. The lake is surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges and hills. If you look at Baikal from a satellite, you can see that it stretches out as a crescent moon.

Researchers claim that Baikal is the mosta deep lake on the planet. It was found that its depth is 1642 meters, which is impossible for an ordinary person. As for the average depth, it is also not small - 744 m. Surprisingly, apart from Lake Baikal, only two lakes on the planet can at least approach the 1200 m mark.

Scientists note that Baikal's waters are saturatedoxygen, and there are very few organic impurities in them. As for the temperature, it is very low, and this does not allow you to swim. In the summer, it can be +8 ... + 9 aboutC, and in winter the lake is covered with a thick layer of ice.

Small Sea

Lake Baikal consists of several parts. A small sea is one of them. It is located on the territory of the Baikal National Park (Irkutsk region). The small sea is connected to the lake by a strait called the Olkhon Gate. The coast is mostly mountainous, and the depth is 210 meters. In some places there are mobile sands.

small sea baikal recreation center

On the coast of the Small Sea you can see capesOto-Khushun, Uyuga, Aral, Zunduk and others. The landscapes around are stunning! Vacationers can safely engage in fishing, as in the lake there are perch, grayling, sturgeon, pike, golomyanka, Baikal omul, whitefish and dace. Also tourists can visit the settlements, for example, Kharantsi, Khuzhir or Sarmu. It is in their territory that the tourist centers of the Small Sea (Baikal) are located.

Recreation centers of the Small Sea

If you set a goal, you can find manyinformation on the theme "Small Sea (Baikal): recreation centers". We will tell you about the most comfortable, economical and cozy places of residence. Among all the hotels, private sector and recreation centers, there is a medical-preventive institution called "Altan". It is located on the shore of Khuzhir-Nuuga Bay. You can visit the recreation center at any time of the year, as there are unique Buryat holy places near it, accessible to tourists in any season. Visitors are expected: comfortable cottages, heated pool, tennis court and much more.

On the basis of "Altan" there is an opportunity to stay ina usual small house or in rooms of a class lux. The cottages have wooden verandahs, where you can relax every evening, admiring the magnificent scenery. Bases on Baikal guarantee an excellent rest, comfortable accommodation and affordable cost of rooms (houses).

baikal camp site prices small sea

Hotel or hostel - what is better?

Most visitors prefer to have a reston camp sites, as they are specially equipped for travelers and are located in the most successful places. As for the hotel, this institution, which was created for temporary and emergency living. That is, you can stay at the hotel at any time of the day, but not the fact that the holidaymaker will get everything you need within his walls. This is the reason for the recreation centers, they were built in such a way as to be as close to nature as possible, and also so that a person could get better, relax.

Cost of living

First of all, of course, this question intereststourists planning to visit Baikal (camp sites): prices. A small sea allows you to save a little money, because it is located far from the center. The cost of living in a recreation center is accessible and differs from that requested in hotels of settlements. For example, go for three days to Lake Baikal and enjoy the peace, comfort, fabulous atmosphere can be for only 1700 rubles. But still the price of accommodation depends on the chosen hostel and, of course, the time that the vacationer plans to spend there.

It should be noted that the cost of the tour is alsodepends on the conditions that the guest has chosen. For example, you can order a room with or without food, so the difference in the amount will be significant. In addition, the room category also depends on the price of accommodation. And, of course, not the last factor that affects the cost - it's a concrete camp site.

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Recreation bases of Baikal

The camps of the Small Sea (Baikal) are open tovisitors all year round. Among the great variety of them are the following: "Baikal wind", "Mandherkhan", "New", "Altan" and "Wind of wanderings". Of course, this is not the entire list of recreation centers, but they are considered the most popular and accessible to all segments of the population.

Recreation center "Baikal wind" will helprestore the vitality of the guests and find peace of mind. Many say that it is shrouded in mysticism, and everything around fascinates tourists. The visitor can pay for the rent either by the day or for the whole period. As an entertainment guide the recreation center offers a grill bar, excursions, a sports complex, a children's playground and water attractions.

The recreation center "Mandherkhan" is located in the mountains. This is an ideal place for a vacation with your family or a small company. In the cottages guests will find everything you need, and can also visit the Russian bath, water excursions and a summer shower.

Lake Baikal Small Sea

Glorious sea, sacred Baikal

Every Russian person must havevisit the Small Sea (Baikal). Recreation bases "New" and "Wind of wanderings" will help make your vacation unforgettable. Firstly, they are located near the lake, and secondly, from their rooms tenants will be able to see a panoramic view of the bays of the Small Sea, and thirdly - it is an ideal place for fishing. Tourists can even go to Irkutsk, if there is such a need. Distance to the city from the recreation center "New" is only 250 km. The peculiarity of the institution is that it is located in the Bay of Bazarnaya Bay. As for the weather conditions, they are just wonderful! Often the sun shines, you can feel a light steppe breeze. Vacation will be remembered for a long time also thanks to inimitable species around.

A trip to Lake Baikal will be truly unforgettable. A small sea, the photo of which the tourist will save for the rest of his life, will allow you to often admire the most beautiful landscapes and remember a wonderful vacation.

What to do on Lake Baikal?

Of course, beautiful scenery, light steppea breeze is great, but still entertainment is needed. Every tourist wants to see something new, experience exciting emotions and feel happy. Rest on Lake Baikal (Small Sea, in particular, takes priority from tourists) can become really exciting. It is proposed to begin the journey by visiting the sources of Lukovaya Polyana. They are located in the vicinity of Oгнуnuren - the largest village of the Small Sea. Mineral springs are famous for their curative strength, because water contains radon and iron, which helps to improve and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

bases on Baikal

Next, it is worth trying the healing mudCross-lakes. They are famous for treating radiculitis and rheumatism. A spectacular sight for tourists will be the meadow plain of Zama. It is framed by the mountains of the Primorsky Range, and behind it begins the road to the gold mines of the Lena tributaries, around which are mineral springs, warm lakes, Kurykan ruins and therapeutic mud.

Rest on Lake Baikal (Small Sea isthe priority direction) is impossible without visiting the Aral cave grotto. And, of course, it is recommended to visit the stone tent, Sarmi Gorge, Enkhok, Kurkutsk and Mukhorsky Bays. Islands of the Small Sea will also be of interest to holidaymakers. There are about ten of them, and to look at them, you can go on an excursion by ship.

How to get to Baikal?

You can come to Lake Baikal in several ways. Basically, people prefer to get by car, but you can also use the passenger ship, train and even an airplane. The latter option is available only to the nearest cities in which there is an airport, that is, before Lake Baikal you still have to go to one of the above-mentioned land transport modes. By boat, you can reach your destination in about seven hours. But which way the tourist chooses, the main thing is that he will come to the area, covered with legends. And it's worth it!

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