Chinese circus: the eastern miracle

The Chinese circus is a traditional form of art,which has more than 2000-year history. Its program includes a variety of acrobatic numbers, which perform artists dressed in national costumes. All the performers from China who have received special training to represent traditional art to European audiences.

Chinese circus
The very term "Chinese circus" is used inEuropean countries to describe the diverse arts of China. Clowning, the taming of carnivorous animals - the attributes of an exceptionally modern European circus. Oriental representation unites the artists of the Beijing Opera, the Shaolin monks, who demonstrate the martial arts of kung fu. A well-known literary character, the Monkey King (Sun Wukong) appears between the numbers. This is an amazing, enchanting show, from which children and adults are delighted.

The Chinese circus is also a lion dance, walkingon the rope, stunts with yo-yo, a plate with plates, when the girls rotate on a long stick sticks (the number of sticks reaches up to four pieces in each hand), "air silks" (flying on silk ribbons), the room with fire.

Chinese circus in Moscow
Acrobatics in the Celestial Empire - a distinctiveThe national style, developed from the daily and working life of the Chinese people. According to chronological records, ancient carvings, decorative patterns on ceramics, it arose in the period of the Battle Kingdoms. As an performing art form, it reached a high level under the Han dynasty. A grandiose show was shown in 108 BC before the emperor's court to foreign guests. But over time, acrobatic art lost its privileged position and became a favorite spectacle only for ordinary people. Most acrobats gave performances on the streets, only towards the end of the Ming Dynasty they began performing on stage. During the reign of the Qing Dynasty, this art has regained its former popularity and remains in demand to this day. Since the foundation of the PRC in 1949, outside the country, not yet known as the Chinese circus, it has received a completely new development. Throughout the country, troupes were organized, which soon became world famous, appearing with constant sold-outs.

Teaching children to acrobatic artbegins with four years. As professional performers, they begin their careers in adolescence. Over the past 35 years, circus troupes from the Middle Kingdom have been on tour in more than 100 countries around the world. Quite often, the Chinese circus performed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other major Russian cities.

Chinese Circus in Moscow

The idea to combine artists in one thematic showcame in the 1990s to British circus director Philip Gandhi, after he saw a group of Chinese acrobats performing at the Circus Festival in Monte Carlo. He was impressed by their impeccable performance and incredible acrobatic numbers. After discussing certain organizational issues, 45 artists were merged into a single troupe called the Great Chinese Circus (Moscow and St. Petersburg had the opportunity to see his new show "Yin-Yan" in January-February 2013).

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