Exhibitions in Yekaterinburg: the announcement of the nearest events

1723 is considered the date of foundation of Yekaterinburg.And in 6 years this large industrial center will celebrate its three-hundredth anniversary. Concerning other cities of our vast country, he is still a "teenager". But all the same the metropolis has already generated many talented people who managed to glorify their small homeland - Yekaterinburg. Exhibitions where artists, sculptors and architects present their creations are always available to guests and residents of the city. This article is devoted to this.

Announcement of the nearest art exhibitions

From Iseti to the Danube

Exhibitions in Yekaterinburg take place every month.Since August 29, a wide range of spectators will be presented with paintings by local artists. The topic was chosen unusual, because the event is timed to coincide with the Russian-Austrian year and the City Day at the same time. Spectators can see both the local landscapes, and the streets of Vienna, quiet villages and lovely lakes. In addition to painting, you can also look at the graphics and arts and crafts.

Garif Basyrov

Personal exhibition of Garif Basyrov alsowas opened on August 29. Residents and visitors of the city can look at the pictures of the great graphic, which deserved the vocation not only at home, but also abroad. Each work should affect the feelings of the viewer. Some pictures cause a feeling of joy and peace, others - anxiety and excitement. It is simply impossible to remain indifferent.

On the official site of the city you can see the announcements of the nearest events and the schedule of exhibitions. Ekaterinburg is actively involved in the social life of the country, so the city's website is updated daily.

When there are animal shows

cat show ekaterinburg

On September 17, an exhibition of dogs will open.Ekaterinburg and its inhabitants are famous for their love for animals, so the administration often conducts similar events. This time in the KOSK "Russia" will be an exposition of dogs of all breeds. The event is called "Autumn Blues". Here you can not only see the rare breeds of dogs, but also communicate with the owners and learn the features of care for pets.

Within the framework of the same event, an exhibitioncats. Ekaterinburg is waiting for lovers of domestic animals in the Urals Federal District "Grace". Here you can not only look at the fluffy creatures, but also buy everything you need to keep them.

Jewelery exhibition

exhibitions екатеринбург

August 29, the opening of the exhibition"Stone-cutting and jewelry art of the Urals." Such exhibitions Yekaterinburg often tires, because it is one of those cities that supplies minerals throughout Russia. It is not surprising that the Ural masters achieved perfection in the processing of stone. At the exhibition you can see both the finished works and the raw minerals. And also you can see the step-by-step process of making jewelry. Souvenirs to take with you will not work, because exhibits of the XVIII-XX centuries will be demonstrated.

Creativity of national craftsmen

exhibition schedule екатеринбург

Exhibitions of Yekaterinburg needleworkers are heldin different formats. Such events are organized as art bazaars and craft fairs. This time, the Museum of Fine Arts presented its exhibits to a wide audience. At the exhibition will not be the work of our contemporaries, but the creations of the masters of the last century. It is interesting to look at how the Ural fishery developed and how the style of the drawing changed. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to get acquainted with the creativity of A.V. Afanasievoy, an artist who was able to revive such famous "Tagil roses." This exposition will be of primary interest to pupils of art schools, who will be able to see the man-made masterpieces of their compatriots alive, be inspired by the varnish painting and understand the work with the material more deeply.

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