Ostrovsky Square in St. Petersburg

If you decide to visit the northern capital of ourhomeland, then one of the places you should definitely visit is Ostrovsky Square, located in the historical center of the city. The place is extraordinarily beautiful and interesting for tourists.

area of ​​the island

Street Ostrovsky - is, you can say,crossroads, only not roads, but other architectural pearls and sights of St. Petersburg: Malaya Sadovaya, Nevsky Prospekt, Krylova Lane and Rossi Street. Strictly speaking, Carlo Rossi is the main "culprit" for the appearance of this architectural ensemble. The only thing that was here before his work began is the Anichkov Palace. It began to be built already in 1791, even under the reign of Empress Elizabeth.

This area combines severalattractions. Among them, for example, the monument to Catherine II. Drew and designed by Mikhail Mikeshin, a talented artist. Near the cast of the bronze empress settled her immortal subjects: Suvorov, Potemkin, Rumyantsev, Dashkova and some others. In addition, just recently at the address pl. Ostrovsky was registered by one more person next to the great Catherine - the janitor, recreated according to the canons of the XIX century.

island island

Former Chernyshev Bridge, and now - the bridge of Lomonosov,like travelers who love romance. After all, this bridge is thrown across the Fontanka, which means that you can enjoy the noisy waves that hit the stone walls, standing on a magnificent building of the XIX century. The only pity is that now the bridge is no longer a drawbridge.

There is also an area named after Lomonosov, as well as a monument-bust depicting a great scientist.

The Alexandria Theater is another architecturala miracle, which has the area Ostrovsky. It is the oldest (dramatic) theater in all of St Petersburg. According to historians, the theater is a standard example of the era of classicism. The structure is named so in honor of Alexandra Feodorovna - the wife of Nicholas I. By the way, Ostrovsky Square was originally called Alexandria. Initially, it was assumed that the theater would be intended for the Imperial troupe. However, different people were involved in the productions. The same was true of the public - in addition to the highest privileged individuals and entire aristocratic families, representatives of the middle class, small officials, and even students also came here. Here were staged the first performances of Gogol's plays: "The Marriage" and, of course, "The Inspector General".

Immediately there is the Academy of Russian Ballet. Here the outstanding representatives of the Russian school of ballet studied: Nijinsky, Pavlova, Ulanova.

Ostrovsky Street
Ostrovsky Square is only the last nameamong all those that were worn by this architectural ensemble. Initially (in 1829) the area was called Anichkova, after (1832) it was called Alexandria, then - Theater, and only after that it became the name of Ostrovsky. This name she received in honor of the great Russian writer Nikolai Ostrovsky.

Having wandered through this square, you can feel the spirit of St. Petersburg, and therefore on your arrival immediately go there!

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