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The central bus station of Kiev is the mainthe bus station of the capital of Ukraine, the largest structural subdivision of the state enterprise "Kievpasspass". Before its construction it was only necessary to get off the railway station, as soon as there were shouts calling for buses to different regions of the country. The city has a new bus station, and it all ended. Kiev sighed with relief, and the people in need of such transport moved to another place.

Where is the main bus station of the Ukrainian capital

It is located at a distance of 318 meters from the stationmetro station "Demievskaya". So, if you suddenly need to come to the Central Bus Station (Kiev), its address is: Moskovskaya Square, 3. Thanks to the help of the metro of the capital, do not be afraid to get lost. Five minutes peshochkom - and you're in the subway, or vice versa, came out of the subway, walked five minutes - and already in place. In the building of the bus station everything is done as it should: cash desks for the sale of (preliminary) tickets, there are cameras where you can store luggage, a medical center, mother and child rooms, a toilet, a waiting room, an electronic board with available seats and a bus schedule. If you want to eat, you can go to the fast food restaurant, which is located nearby.

Kiev bus station
It was built in 1957-1961. Designed on the basis that 600 flights and seven thousand passengers will be sent daily. The central bus station (Kiev) is located next to a large traffic junction. Here they meet: the Friendship of the Peoples Boulevard (from here you can get to the left bank of the Dnieper), the Krasnozvezdny Avenue (from the Solomensky district), the 40th anniversary boulevard (it leads to the Teremky district) and the last - the Science Avenue. From here to the very center of Kiev - Maidan Nezalezhnosti - you can get to the metro station in seven minutes, except for the time to descend the metro and the ascent.

What else is there at the Kiev bus station

In part, we outlined this information inprevious section. Let's continue. Firstly, this bus station is a complex of the highest category, which has a group of buildings and service points intended for boarding and disembarking passengers, a parking lot for those who are waiting for the flight, as well as everything that we have already called. Also here render services for sending the necessary correspondence, other useful trivia, for example, payment of mobile communication, sale of souvenirs, etc. The central bus station (Kiev) is built in the spirit of Soviet times. The architects who planned the construction - E. Belsky, I. N. Melnik, A. Miletsky. The halls of the bus station were decorated by artists A. F. Rybachuk and V. V. Melnichenko with ceramic mosaic panels.

central bus station
In the main building of the station there are cash desks forsale, booking and exchange of tickets. There are services not only for their citizens, but also for citizens of a number of European countries. Nearby is an enterprise that is very well known in Ukraine: the name of Karl Marx, and a corporate store where passengers can conduct comfortable shopping between flights.

The central bus station, Kiev. How to get there

To get to this transport center of the capitalUkraine, using city transport, it is possible and on buses, and on minibuses, and on trolley buses. But for us the most interesting way is to reach the Kiev metro, especially from the railway station, after all, they come there most often. From station "Vokzalnaya" you reach "Khreshchatyk", then go to the station "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" and come to where you need - to the station "Demievskaya". In total, the journey will take 20-25 minutes, if you take into account the ascent and descent in the metro. For comparison: opposite the central entrance to the railway station, you can take the shuttle bus number 539. The journey takes a maximum of 20 minutes, but this only if there are no traffic jams.

bus station kiev how to get

That is, if your time is not limited, then goon the minibus, otherwise we advise you not to risk - go to the subway. From here, from the railway station, you can get there by bus number 5. It leaves from the same place as the minibus, but rarely. Goes, if there is no traffic jam, 20 minutes. And five more minutes to spend from the street Izyumskaya to the bus station. The option is beneficial if you have large bags.

Flights from the Kiev bus station and the question of its abolition

This train station sends many domestic flights(for Ukrainian cities) and international, including in European countries. The most popular destinations are Belarus, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, France, Russia, Greece, Italy, Germany and Poland. Ticket offices, where you can buy tickets, are located in the main hall, in the same place - and the ticket office carriers. In 2013, the question was raised about the abolition of this transport facility.

bus station cue phone
The bus station "Central" (Kiev) plannedclose and part of the passenger flow to other Kiev bus stations. For example, in part its receiver was to become a bus station on the "Teremki", which was then built, at the same time they planned to build several more similar ones on the outskirts of the capital. But these plans were suspended for known reasons, and now their perspective is unknown. More on this in the next section.

Will there be a new bus station in Kiev

Back in 2013, the capital planned to opennew bus station. Kiev in this case, noticeably unloaded from the transport in the metro station "Demievskaya". "Teremki" are located on the Odessa Square. The bus station is 97% ready to be opened, only the building is to be brought to a state of full operational readiness. And while it stands, fenced with barbed wire and a fence. In order to finish all the work, it was necessary to 5.5 million hryvnia, and you could transfer the object to the city.

bus station cues address
The bus station by capacity would be even better thanthe current: a two-story building, which will accommodate cash desks, a large waiting room, a mother and child room, a cafe, a medical center and a police station. Now 213, and after the completion of 400 buses a day, and planned maintenance of 8.5 thousand people. Technically possible reception of passenger traffic of all Kiev stations - Dachnoy, South and Central.

Final data

Than it is good, when next to the bus station there is a metro- it's easy, to everything else, to get to the hotels. Sometimes this is very important, since not everyone can take a taxi. If you are on the road, it is better to first call the Central Bus Station (Kiev), the phone number of its help desk is +38 (044) 527-99-76 or +38 (044) 525-57-74, there you will always answer any question .

Kiev bus station

At the ticket office "Autolux" you can book tickets fornumber: +38 (044) 536-00-55. The station building is open from 04:40 to 00:15, cash desks work from 05:00 to 23:00. Luggage storage is available from 06:00 until 23:30. In the subway the entrance opens at 05:49, closes at 00:04.

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