The best low cost airlines in Italy

A low-cost airline is a budget airline,which for a fare in exchange for giving up a lot of passenger traditional services offers a very low price. What is the best of the best in Italy? What are they good? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article.


How did the budget airlines appear? The concept of low-cost appeared in the USA. From there, it flew across Europe in the early 1990s, and then in many other countries of the world. The term "low-cost" in many languages ​​of our planet is borrowed from the English language, where in the beginning it applied to all airlines with a lower construction of operating costs than their competitors.

low cost italy

The term "low-cost" is very often applied to anyairlines with low ticket prices and a narrow set of services, regardless of their operational versions. But low-cost airlines do not need to be confused with regional air carriers, who work without service on short-term flights. Or with highways with full service, but limiting the range of services.

Italian low-costers

Loucosters of Italy among travelers enjoy great popularity. In this country there are only three budget carriers:

  • Meridiana fly - the second major Italian loukoster. The airline carries out both international and domestic transportation.
  • Air Dolomiti - envelops the route network almost the whole country. Also makes flights to the states of Europe.
  • Blu-express - flies both on transnational routes, and on internal ones.

These three budget air companies are considered the best in Italy.

 budget airlines

It is known that in this country fly the low-costers Raynair and EasyJet. From Italy, passengers are also transported by other low-cost airlines: Vueling, Norwegian, Germanwings, airBerlin, airBaltic.

What is the air carrier?

Many tourists like the low-costers of Italy. Let us consider them in the most detail. These are airlines with cheap tickets, additional paid services and new airplanes. The cost of tickets for low-costers includes only a minimum of luggage and flight. For the choice of location, transportation of hand luggage, meals in flight and check-in at the airport, you need to pay separately. In the park of these air companies there are only new planes, since they have less fuel consumption, and they do not need frequent maintenance.

 air dolomiti

Thanks to these airlines it is possible to fly forone ruble or one euro, but such tickets are very rare and are sold only on shares. Air tickets for 25 euros or 999 rubles can be purchased. On average, people pay half the cost for flying by budgetary airlines.


For low-cost Italy tickets are included in the price of the ticketsmall amount of luggage. But it also happens that the transportation of all registered hand luggage is paid, and the cost of its transportation can be two times higher than the price of the ticket.

If you have a lot of luggage, better servicesairlines-loukosterov not use. Overpayment for hand luggage will increase the cost of the flight many times over. Prior to the purchase of cheap air tickets, it is necessary to clarify the rules for carrying baggage from the airline's employees.

The best Italian loukoster

What is the best ItalianAir loukoster Air Dolomiti? This Italian airline was founded in Verona. It is based at the inter-national airport in Munich and the Verona airbase. Since 2003, 100% of the company's shares belong to Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

History and data

Low-cost airline companies in Italy are especially reveredtravelers. The airline we were considering was founded in January 1989. The name of the company came from the mountain range, located in the Eastern Alps - the Alps Dolomiti (Italy).

low cost airlines in italy

It is the leading regional airline in Northern Italy. It has such data:

  • IATA code: EN.
  • ICAO code: DLA.
  • Address: Via Paolo Bembo, 70, Frazione di Dossobuono, Villafranca di Verona, 37062 Italy.
  • The Aircraft Park: Embraer 195.
  • Basic aero nodes: Trieste Friuli Venezia Giulia, Munich.

The second famous Italian loukoster

Meridiana SpA, acting as Meridiana (formerlyknown as Alisarda SpA and Meridiana fly SpA), is an Italian private airline, headquartered in Olbia. Its main base is located in the air harbor of Olbia Costa Smeralda.

 meridiana fly

The airline performs charter and regular flightsflights to domestic, transnational and European destinations from several Italian bases. Some of its operations are carried out by a subsidiary of Air Italy under the brand Meridiana.


Meridiana SpA was created with the name Alisard in 1963, March 29, Prince Aga Khan Karim al-Husseini for the purpose of developing tourism in Sardinia. In 1964, the planned flights began.

35% of new shares to strengthen the company werewas issued by a new shareholder in 1989, and the name Meridiana was adopted in 1991, on May 3. The first international services were realized later in 1991 in Paris, Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt and London.

At the end of February 2010, Meridiana fly wasthe second largest carrier in Italy. It was created by merging the Eurofly company, which specializes in charter flights for long-distance flights to holiday destinations, and Meridiana, the planned operator of European and national flights, with the main purpose of connecting the basic Italian aero nodes with Sicily and Sardinia.

In 2011, in October, Meridiana fly completely bought Air Italy, a chartered Italian airline, which now works on behalf of Meridiana.

In 2013, on January 16, the board of directorsMeridiana SpA confirmed the agreement to acquire Meridiana SpA of all common shares of Meridiana, which belonged to the former shareholders of Air Italy Holding Srl. Today the group is managed by Meridiana SpA Holding, which controls 89% of Meridiana fly, including 100% of Air Italy. The rest is on the Milan Stock Exchange.

When the merger of Air Italy was completed, in April 2013 Meridiana fly returned to its former, shorter name Meridiana.

In 2014, the airline continued to change itsits brand, sending international flights to Moscow, Kiev, London and other cities, and confirmed its leadership in Sardinia, focusing on Catania, Naples, Milan, the Verona airspace for domestic flights in Italy.

In 2016, in July, it was announced that Qatar Airways acquired a 149% stake in Meridiana.


So, you already know which low-costers fly to Italy. Meridiana signed code-sharing agreements with such airlines:

  • Air Malta;
  • Air Berlin;
  • Blue Air;
  • Air Moldova;
  • S7 Airlines;
  • Iberia;
  • British Airways;
  • Blue Panorama Airlines.

In total there are 39 aircrafts in the company fleet.

Budget airline

Blue-express is a budget Italian airline based in Rome. Performs inter-national and domestic air transportation, is a link of the parent airline Blue Panorama Airlines.

blu express

Owner of Blue Panorama Airlines - Distral & Itr. Agree, Italy's budget airlines are very interesting to study.

As of September 2009, the fleet of the airline considered by us consisted of such sides:

  • three aircraft Boeing 737-300;
  • three boards Boeing 737-400 parent airline Blue Panorama Airlines.

Price list

What do the prices of the low cost of Italy to theirservices? We have already said that the airline Meridiana is one of the largest in Italy. Today, its aircraft carry passengers in the 51st direction. One of the airline's residences is located in Russia. Domestic flights of the airline are represented by such metropolises: Catania, Lampedusa, Napali, Palermo, Olbia, Rome, Milan, Cagliari, Turin, Verona, Rimini, Bologna, Genoa.

The average ticket price for one traveler for domestic flights in the country is 40-50 euros one way.

Domestic flights of the airline Blue-Panoramaare represented by such megacities of Italy: Ancona, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Milan, Lampedusa, Pisa, Perugia, Verona, Venice, Treviso, Turin, Reggio di Calabria.

Flights within the country cost around € 30 in almost any direction per passenger.


Domestic airlines of low-cost airlines in Italy almostare always filled with passengers. The cheapest tickets for one ruble or one euro are realized in advance and on new flights for advertising purposes. Low-costers sell tickets at low prices to the first customers, as the aircraft is filled, the cost of the ticket is increased.

Budget airlines lay the paybackflight in the price of 60-70% of tickets, so about 30% of tickets are sold at a low rate. When the airplane is full, the airline arranges for the sale of tickets to earn extra services and complete the flight.

When choosing the date, the place of arrival and departure, bevigilant, as tickets for low-costers can not be taken! Some budget airlines offer to hand over a ticket, change the name of the traveler or the date of the trip, after paying for it. But this significantly increases the price of the flight. Very often, fines for such changes are equal to the acquisition of a new ticket.

Usually, the low-costers choose when necessaryonly flight. Take a few things, be patient without food, register online, do not choose a place in the cabin of the aircraft - then the air ticket will be really inexpensive. It is necessary to remember that the policy of loukosterov is aimed at reducing costs and earnings on additional services.


Food on the boards of loukosterov always paid. Some offer free water only. On average, the duration of flights of budget airlines is not more than three hours - at this time to give up food is not difficult. If it is difficult for you, take a bag of cookies or nuts with you.

Select a location

what do airplanes fly to italy

The choice of a place in the salon of boards of loukosterov - paid. When booking a ticket, you will be offered a seat based on the workload of the aircraft. If you want to change it, then you will have to pay. The seats in the first rows and spacious seats are sold at higher prices.

check in

If you are flying a loukoster, you will have topersonally register online for the flight. The design in the air harbor can be paid due to the reduction of labor costs for workers at the check-in counters. It is necessary to print out the boarding pass in advance, as this can also be a paid service.


All airlines pay aero nodes fees forservice: handling of hand luggage, registration of travelers, cleaning of the cabin of the side, delivery to the aircraft and so on. Not all large air hubs provide low tariffs to low-costers.

As a rule, to save budgetairlines do not fly to the central air quays, but those that are far away from megacities choose. To reduce the collection rate of the aero node, the loukosterov from the services refuse: do not use buses or "sleeves". Passengers walk to land.

Lowcosters do not pay aero-nodes for long-termberthing of boards. After landing and issuing hand luggage flight attendants prepare the aircraft for flight and immediately receive travelers for the next flight. With a view of economy at loukosterov the night parking is provided only in aero-bases of basing. For this reason, airlines do not fly over long distances.

It should be noted that the interior of the boards of budgetairfares are equipped with a huge number of seats with a small distance for the feet, some loukosterov can not recline the seat, there is also no business class.

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