The train "Leo Tolstoy" - to Finland with comfort

Between the capitals of Finland and Russia runscomfortable train "Leo Tolstoy". From the very beginning of the trip, you will be surrounded by a romantic atmosphere. Friendly guides meet their passengers right at the door of the train and are ready to service all the way to Helsinki at any time. In the presence of spare seats in the cars of increased comfort, the radio broadcasts the possibility of changing the compartment with an additional payment. Coffee, tea and sweets can also be ordered from the conductor. The train is on the road 13.5 hours. Customs control is carried out in the train itself during its movement, therefore railway transport is especially popular with tourists.

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The train includes first, second andbusiness class. In the first there are double bedrooms, air conditioning and a DVD player. The second class is designed for four beds, there is also air conditioning. The business class offers passengers a shower, a toilet with a warm floor, a PC-connection, a large wardrobe for clothes, an LCD TV. The sofa can be laid out in a wide bed, and an additional upper shelf can be used for personal things. Passengers are offered a bathrobe and bath towel.

The coupe can be fully booked for oneperson or the whole family. "Leo Tolstoy" is a train equipped with a specially equipped toilet for disabled people and people with disabilities. On each bed in advance prepared a set of clean bed linen, a pillow, and if you want you can take a warm blanket.

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In the car-restaurant there are good cooks,which will prepare for their guests breakfast, lunch and dinner for a short time. Payment can be made in euros, rubles and dollars. Between the points of Kouvola and Vainikkala, you can exchange currency and return tax coupons. The "Leo Tolstoy" train is equipped with a separate bar in a business class car. You can smoke only in special tambours.

The train "Leo Tolstoy". Route

The composition is sent from Moscow (Leningradstation) at 22:50 local time. The train passes Tver, St. Petersburg (Ladozhsky Railway Station), which arrives at 05:53 local time, Vyborg, Vainikkala (the first settlement of Finland) - arrival at 07:55 local time, Kouvola, Lahti, Tikkurila, Pasila, Helsinki . Comes to the capital of Finland at 11:00.

Return trip. From Helsinki, the train "Leo Tolstoy" starts at 17:23. To Moscow to the Leningrad station the train arrives at 08:25.

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Tickets for the train "Leo Tolstoy" can be boughtthrough terminals, the Internet or at the ticket offices of any railway station. Children under 6 years can travel absolutely free of charge, for teenagers from 6 to 16 years there is a discount on travel, which is 50% of its cost, for pensioners - 30%. A ticket from Moscow to Helsinki for an adult costs 120 € or 4800 rubles (for one seat in a second-class car). Business class is much more expensive. One ticket in such a car will cost 200-300 €. Therefore, you need to plan the budget of your trip to another country. Do not forget that the number of vacancies during the summer holidays, New Year and May holidays is very small, and tickets must be bought in advance. Also, you should specify the train schedule before your trip.

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