"Secrets of the World" - a park of dinosaurs in "Sokolniki"

View any dinosaurs dreaming of anychild. Prehistoric lizards fascinate preschoolers and interest many teenagers. Today every resident or guest of the capital can set off on a real journey into the Mesozoic era. The dinosaur park in Sokolniki is a place where "live" dinosaurs still exist.

"Secrets of the World": photo and description

In the territory of the park "Sokolniki" you can seereal dinosaurs. Guests in the dinopark are provided with realistically executed figures of ancient lizards. Some of them have truly outstanding dimensions. If you are visiting the dinosaur park in Sokolniki for the first time, prepare for surprises. Most of the figures are interactive, it is worthwhile to approach them, as the ancient lizards come into motion and begin to growl menacingly. The exhibition has no age limits, but be careful, the youngest children can be scared of the ancient giants.

Dinosaur Park in the Sokolniki

Visitors are offered additionalentertainment. Children can ride on dinosaurs, as well as participate in the most real excavations and personally discover the skeletons of ancient lizards, as well as other prehistoric creatures.

Cost of visit and mode of work

Dinosaur park in Sokolniki worksdaily from 11:00 to 20:00. How much does a ticket cost? Children under the age of three can look at the ancient lizards for free. The price of an adult ticket on weekdays is 500 rubles, and the cost of a child ticket is 400 rubles. On weekends, the ticket price is increased by 50 rubles. You can save on visiting the exhibition by purchasing a family ticket or a subscription. Dinosaur park in "Sokolniki" offers discounts for students, pensioners, veterans of the Second World War, disabled people. Pleasant surprises await traitors and families with many children.

Useful tips for visitors to the exhibition

Interactive figures of the ancient lizards are badcarry low temperatures and atmospheric precipitation. For the winter period, the exhibition "Secrets of the World" will be moved from an open area to a certain room. Probably, a suitable place will be provided by the park zone "Sokolniki". The park of dinosaurs will work on the territory of the Variety "Birches" until the middle of autumn 2016.

Sokolniki park of dinosaurs

It is worth noting that the exhibition is not onlyentertaining, but also scientific-cognitive character. Near each exhibit is a sign with a description, daily guided tours. The shooting on the territory of the exhibition is free and not limited, as well as the time of self-walking.

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