Eilat, Israel. Red sea

This ancient city is mentioned in the OldThe covenant. It existed a thousand years before Christ. This city is very peculiar and is located quite far from the densely populated areas of the country. Only overcoming the vast area of ​​the desert, you can get to Eilat. Israel in this place has access to the Red Sea and a sea route towards the Indian Ocean. This circumstance is decisive in its economy in general and in the sphere of tourism in particular. And its tourist potential is quite significant.

Eilat Israel

Eilat, Israel. Natural and geographical features

In certain circles this place is almostcult. From very remote places, often from other continents, people rush to this edge of the desert to rest. "Israel, Eilat" - these two words speak very much to fans of diving. Fans of diving in depth have thoroughly studied the way here, and many return to the shore of the Eilat Gulf repeatedly. The unique underwater world of the Red Sea does not let go of those who saw it. This is testified authoritatively by those who have the opportunity to compare, who have gone under the water in other seas, on the shores of other continents and islands. And these natural features are generously supported by the highly developed tourist infrastructure of the city.

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Residents of Israel are able to do business and extractprofit. And they did everything in their power to make the tourists and sports divers feel themselves comfortable and comfortable on this narrow stretch of the coast. And it was in many respects possible - from a little-known populated point on the edge of the desert to create a world-wide diving center - Eilat. Israel on this shore for many does not end, but only begins. After all, not everyone has a desire to get acquainted with the underwater world. But Eilat is also a world-famous resort with beach rest of the highest level. This is a hot place, the temperature of air and water here depends little on the season. If there was a question about where to fly to bask among the endless Russian winter, this is certainly Eilat, Israel. It is possible that the level of prices here does not differ by excessive availability, but the level of the offered service to these prices is quite consistent.
Israeli Eilat Excursions

Israel, Eilat. Excursions and cultural program

The city of Eilat itself is not distinguished by abundancehistorical relics and architectural monuments. The infrastructure of this city is built to provide a comfortable beach holiday. But his natural environment deserves attention with his expressiveness and unlikeness to anything else. Mountains and rocks in this place meet with the desert. Their coloring and outlines with their unusualness make one recall the scenery to fantasy films about extraterrestrial civilizations.

eilat israel red sea
And in order to join the cultural andreligious sights of the host country, there have never been any special problems. Israel is not territorially a big country. And in Eilat it is not difficult to find a suitable tour on an individually compiled route. Options for such excursions you will be offered here in sufficient quantity.

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