Stone city. Sights of the Perm Region

Perm Region as a region appeared in Russia in 2003year, when the Perm Region and the Komi-Permyak District merged. This area occupies a very large area. By its size, the Perm Territory is on the 24th place among all regions of the Russian Federation. There are many beautiful places that will not leave any tourist indifferent. Further on in the article in more detail about some of them.

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Natural sights of the Perm region. Kungur Ice Cave

This underground palace is one of the largest in the world.all over the world. In addition, it is also the "heart" of the Urals. Kungur cave is one of the most visited places. It appeared 10 thousand years ago, and today it pleases with its extraordinary beauty. Many people visit this underground palace. Here comes an average of about 80 thousand tourists per year. It attracts their amazing combination of lakes, rocks, ice and the connection of underground passages into one large labyrinth. This is an incredible beauty that will not leave a single person without impressions. Not only Russians, but thousands of people from other countries aspire to see the miracle. The cave stretched 5.7 km. The excursion is 1.5 km. After such a walk under the vaults of the dungeon, tourists can relax in a specially equipped complex.

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Historical monuments

Travelers can visit differentsights of the Perm region. Those who love history, there is also where to go. In 130 km from Perm there is an ethnographic park which will leave unforgettable impressions. Here you can see how the peasants lived hundreds of years ago. The open-air museum houses buildings that have survived since the late 19th and early 20th centuries. You can see houses, forges, shops for trade and much more. The most interesting thing is that a tourist can touch everything with his own hands, feel on himself how people lived many years ago. There is a river Chusovaya near the museum, near which you can relax with the whole family, have a picnic, fish, swim.

Adovo Lake and Monastery on the White Mountain

There are many legends about different reservoirs of Permthe edges. However, the most popular is Adovo Lake. It is located where the watershed of the tributaries of the left side of the present Kama is now passing. The area around the lake is swamped. In its form from a bird's eye view, the reservoir resembles an egg. About 3.68 square meters. km occupies its area, and the depth is about 5-6 meters. It is amazing that the water in it is exceptionally transparent, although the banks are very low and viscous. Under Kungur there is an extraordinary beauty monastery on the White Mountain. For Orthodox people this is a special place. By the way, the mountain is called so because the fallen snow here lays long enough and almost never melts. It was on this elevation that the St. Nicholas Monastery was erected.

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Beautiful view from the Gladen Mountain

Through the Perm region, the Lower Mulianka River flows. On its shore the Gladen Mountain is located. If you climb to its summit, you can watch the beautiful view, - from here open spaces for several kilometers. It is visible and the river Mulyanka, and Kama, and the picturesque nature of the Urals.

The Stone Town (Perm)

Over the past few decades, this hasthe place is considered a favorite for tourists. Getting there is easy on the transport, that's why people come so many times in groups for the weekend. The stone city is the modern name of this place. Earlier it was called in another way - Devil's fortress. This place really fascinates. There are many stones throughout the territory. But they are very harmoniously combined, they form compositions from streets, passages. So, it seems that you are in a real city. It seems that all this was built especially: all these streets, avenues, squares. The stone city is so confused that it becomes like a labyrinth, so you have to be careful if you came here for the first time. The symbols of this place are turtles, rats, seals and others. This is due to the fact that some combinations of stones resemble the images of these animals.

natural attractions of the Perm region

History of occurrence

Of course, there are many legends about this place. It is believed that once instead of connecting stones there was a beautiful city where people of unearthly kindness lived, everything always blossomed, culture developed. The king had a daughter who did not see anything, because she was blind. Only she could not appreciate the beauty that surrounds her. An evil sorcerer came to the rescue. He offered the king to cure the child, and the latter, without hesitation, agreed. At the moment when the heiress was restored to sight, the whole city turned into stone, so the princess had no choice but to enjoy the beauty of the stone. Of course, the legend describes the creation story very beautifully, but scientists are not in a hurry to agree with it. It is believed that it was in place of stone houses and streets that the river used to flow. The power of water broke through such sculptures. As a result, it was as if a city. It consists of quartz fine-grained sandstone and lower carbon. The stone city is at an altitude of 526 m (the top of Rudyansky Spoja). The whole rock mass is strewn with various cracks, which reach 12 meters in depth. The extraordinary natural complex of the Ural mountains is the result of the action of natural elements. Water, glacier, wind, change of geological epochs - all this contributed to the creation of a unique landscape. If you climb to the top of the Stone Town, you can observe the beauty of the taiga of the Urals.

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The entire stone complex is divided into the Big City andSmall town. The distance between them is about 200-300 meters. It is hard to find the Small Town, there is only an inconspicuous path that leads to it. Its composition includes four remnants, which are also surprisingly beautiful. Especially attractive are the Leaky Stone and the Latch.

Features of visit

A large number of tourists coming toPerm Region, Stone Town is visited in late August or early autumn. This time is considered the peak of the influx of people. This is due to the fact that it is in autumn, when nature is filled with different colorful palettes, Stone Town (photo is presented in the article) is unusually beautiful. Especially frequent guests are mountain climbers. Every year Stone Town accepts a large number of athletes. There are often competitions in climbing - after all, all conditions for their holding are created. Competitions, as a rule, take place in the summer. At the same time, festivals are organized. Among the natural scenery are performances and productions. In general, you can spend a good time in the Stone Town all year round. Many tourists stay here with overnight stays in tents. However, going to the Stone City, you need to stock up on water, as there are no sources nearby. By the way, if you want, you can also visit the Usvinsky Pillars, which are located on the river Usva, and the caves of Sukhoi Log. They are no less attractive than the Stone Town. Excursions to these places, as a rule, on foot, since it is very difficult to reach the complex directly by car or bus.

the stone city of Perm

How to get to this amazing place

The stone city is located about 200kilometers from Perm. To get here is very simple. First you need to go to the Perm-Kizel road and move to the village of Usva. Then it will remain a little before the "Stone City" sign appears. It is installed near the turn to the village Jubileiny. The main thing is not to drive the right turn to the dirt road. As we have already said, driving a car will be problematic. Therefore, the rest of the way should be walked (1 km). For cars there is a special parking. Of course, public transport can also be used to get to the Stone Town. But in this way it is not very convenient to get to the right road, since all buses / trains follow to the village of Usva. We'll have to change planes in Chusovoy and go on foot until the Jubilee, first about a kilometer from Usva on the road towards Kizel, then 5 kilometers to Jubilee. The only minibus that goes to the village, leaves every day around 14.00. But back you will have to go your own way or go on a ride, since the necessary transport runs only in the morning.

Perm Region Stone Town


Undoubtedly, the Perm region surprises with itssights. He will be able to please the eye with extraordinary works of nature, the culture of ancient times, the beauty of monasteries. Here you can relax both the whole family and the company of friends, arrange a weekend and spend them as the soul desires. After all, what will improve the body better than nature? It is this region that can give unforgettable rest and emotions, and if you also visit various excursions, you can learn a lot of new and interesting for yourself.

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