Luxurious Egypt. Hotel "Sharm el-Sheikh" 5 stars - how not to make a mistake in the choice

Hotels in Egypt (Sharm el-Sheikh) 5 stars, about whichit will be discussed below, they represent the best service in comparison with similar hotels in Hurghada. The first resort complexes in these places were built by the Israelis during their brief rule in the Sinai Peninsula. The oldest resort in Egypt is considered both the most luxurious and Europeanized. It attracts tourists from all over Europe with its location in a protected from the winds of the area, beautiful coral reefs of the Red Sea and well-developed infrastructure.

Egypt hotel sharm el sheikh

Based on their ideas about the rest andneeds, choose hotels in Egypt. Sharm el-Sheikh, reviews of which speak both about positive and negative aspects of the resort, nevertheless, suit both couples with children, and active young travelers, and lovers of secluded pastime. In order for the vacation to succeed, study the advantages of the hotel, its beach, as well as the impressions of the tourists who visited there. After all, a coral reef near the beach of the hotel is a definite plus for a diver, but a minus for a woman who is forced to descend into the sea with a small child on the stairs from the pontoon.

Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh Grand Hotel 5 *

Hotels in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh Reviews
This hotel complex is built in Arabicstyle hotel near the wonderful bay of Naama Bay. Corps of the hotel is literally buried in the juicy Mediterranean greenery. Standard rooms and suites have everything that is supposed for a hotel of this class. Eight swimming pools, a rich animation program (including for children) make leisure here very attractive. Seven restaurants and three bars work under the "All Inclusive" program. For younger guests an early dinner is provided. Excellent reefs with clear water attract fans of snorkeling and diving.

Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Resort Mountain Hotel

This five-star hotel chain, theless, is located across the road from the sea. But it is located in the heart of the famous bay of Naama Bay. On the beach you will not get bored: there are all kinds of water recreation, and in the hotel you can ride, play tennis, swim in kayaks, rent a bike, soak in the sauna. To the three-story building of the hotel adjoin two large swimming pools. You can learn to dive with scuba diving at a diving center school. In addition to the main restaurant there are three more, and also about five bars.

Hotels in Egypt Sharm El Sheikh 5 stars

Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh Conrad Resort Hotel

This "five" is now called "Coral SeaImperial". It is located on the first line of the sea in the Ras Nasrani Bay area, 17 kilometers from the city center. Suitable for families with children, although lovers of outdoor activities will not be bored either. The main restaurant and two bars operate on the All Inclusive system from 9am to 10pm. In addition, there is also an Italian restaurant "A la carte", dinner in which you can pay for a fee.

Egypt: Sharm El Sheikh For Seasons Hotel

This network (Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts)the hotel is located in Naama Bay. The complex consists of a high-rise building and twenty two-storey villas. The territory of it is so huge that it is powered by electric vehicles. The hotel, as befits a "five", has its own sandy beach with all amenities. The hotel is famous for its SPA center "Daniela Steiner Beauty".

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