Bridal Room in Moscow: an overview, features, and reviews of tourists

A wedding is an event that is celebrated withthe greatest scope. However, not only the wedding day should be special for the newlyweds, but also the first wedding night. To preserve the solemnity of the moment, the ideal option would be a beautiful hotel room, rented especially for this night. And today many hotels in Moscow provide such, designed specifically for young people.

What to look for when choosing a room for newlyweds

First of all, we recommend booking a roomin advance. Most hotels, as a rule, have only one for newlyweds and one or two suites suitable for these purposes. And in the hottest wedding season, your ideal wedding suite in Moscow can be booked well in advance.

hotel bridal room moscow

A good premise will be, first, verybeautiful - with a wide bed, chic bathroom, large windows and a beautiful view. Also it will be specially decorated. Usually it is flowers or rose petals. When booking, ask what is included in the price. Often there is included a compliment from the hotel, for example, fruit and champagne in the room.

A good bonus is the opportunityround-the-clock order of food in the room, suddenly the newlyweds are hungry, because at a wedding banquet they often never get a snack. And, of course, an important detail is the possibility of a free late eviction, because nobody wants after a difficult day and a long sleepless night to hastily leave the room at 12 o'clock in the afternoon.

The most chic options

Five-star luxury hotel TheRitz-Carlton is in the heart of Moscow. From the French windows the rooms have a view of the Red Square. Here you can feel like real noblemen in prerevolutionary Russia - this is facilitated by the classic Russian style in the design of rooms, decoration with cherry wood and marble.

Do not regret money and rent a suite "RitzCarlton ", an area of ​​more than two hundred squares with a chic marble bathroom. Standing in the living room grand piano will invite a musician and dance alone with beautiful melodies. The cost of such a fairy tale for one night is about one hundred thousand rubles.

a suite for newlyweds in Moscow

Hotel "National" is more than a hotel, it'sa living history. To spend a wedding night here means to capture this moment in memory forever. The rooms here are rich in antique furniture and samples of paintings, unique ceiling paintings and other rarities.

Offers in the center of Moscow

The most chic hotels are located in the center of the capital, and the first wedding night in such a place will be remembered for a long time.

Hotel "Sheraton" offers its guestsbeautiful two-storey room. The mood here creates a large bed, modern furniture of deep chocolate color, luxurious decor objects. In general, the view from the window to Moscow, a chic interior on almost a hundred square meters and the service will leave the most pleasant impressions. This room for newlyweds in Moscow for one night will cost about 30 thousand rubles.

Popular among newlyweds and Swissôtel "RedsThis luxury hotel offers newlyweds a special romantic package - an excellent room for two, access to a sauna and a swimming pool, champagne, flowers and chocolates in the room, and a romantic breakfast in bed.The offer price is only 20.5 thousand rubles.

Reviews say that nothing remarkableOutside, this building is striking in the beauty of the premises and the chic views from the panoramic windows. Service and bonuses included in the price will continue the theme of wedding magic.

Moscow hotels with honeymoon rooms

Variants of hotels outside the city

These options are for those who want to retire and relax from the wedding bustle. For this purpose, a country resort and a beautiful room at the bridal hotel are the best.

"Moscow Country Club" is a country hotel, inwhich you can relax and relax, play golf or tennis, sit in a restaurant on the beach, go horseback riding or swim in the pool. But most importantly - here you can rent a wedding suite for the wedding night.

For the amount of 21 thousand rubles you will receivespacious room with a luxurious four-poster canopy bed, impeccable service for 24 hours, free late check-out and a compliment from the hotel especially for your celebration.

And if you want an unusual atmosphere, andspecial comments, recommend the hotel complex "Russian Forest", where there is a special glade of brides, banquet halls and unusual rooms - real huts with a Russian stove. To relieve fatigue, the newlyweds can visit the Russian bath. With such a national flavor in the bosom of nature can not be compared to any chic room for newlyweds in Moscow.

Hotels with a banquet hall

The most popular option among pragmaticpeople - if the banquet is held at the hotel, then the room for the young is usually given as a gift. And go anywhere is not necessary - after spending the guests after the holiday, the newlyweds will simply go up to their room.

So, good reviews attracted the hotel "Borodino". When ordering a wedding banquet at the restaurant, the suite for the newlyweds is provided free of charge.

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A similar proposal is also in the newmodern hotel "Raikin Plaza". After the banquet, the newlyweds can spend the night in a chic room decorated with rose petals and complemented with champagne and fruits. The price of the room is included in the package price for the event.

Bridal Suite in Moscow with Jacuzzi

Such options are now also very in demand, because the jacuzzi will help the groom and the bride to truly relax and relax after a busy day of complete unrest.

If you want to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury onthis night, then choose a room on the 19th floor of the hotel "Ukraine" (now it belongs to the network "Radisson"). The best that this hotel offers is a suite for newlyweds. Moscow will be at your feet, opening up viewing from panoramic windows directly into the Jacuzzi. In addition, the newlyweds are waiting for an imperial bed with a canopy, designer furniture and textiles, as well as bonuses for luxury guests. The reviews mark a really chic service and the best jacuzzi that you can imagine.

bridal suite in moscow with a jacuzzi

A more affordable option is a suite for newlyweds inMoscow in the hotel "Brighton". It costs only 14 thousand rubles, but the newlyweds' holiday begins immediately outside the threshold of their room. Directly in the room, dinner is served with candles, a chic bed will be decorated with flowers, a jacuzzi with rose petals will already be waiting for the newly married couple, and in the morning they will wake up with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and breakfast, served directly in bed.

Boutique hotels in Moscow with rooms for honeymooners

The rooms for newlyweds in such hotels are furnished with a special chic and do not resemble any other. This will create a truly unforgettable romantic atmosphere.

The boutique hotel "Mona" is inexpensiveoption for a pleasant stay. Here everything corresponds to the status - design design of the territory, restaurant and rooms. For the newlyweds, the hotel offers a chic room, sweets and champagne in the room, and pleasant service.

If you do not plan to leave the city, thenpay attention to the boutique hotel "Triumph Palace". Suite for 19 thousand rubles more like a studio artist, furnished with a special taste and decorated with beautiful patterns of painting. This number will give a touch of chic and bohemianism at the beginning of a married life together.

room in bridal hotel moscow

Inexpensive options

But if you spend too much on a dress or wedding banquet, and the budget is tight, then for a reasonable price, you can also rent a room for newlyweds in Moscow.

Inexpensive offers to spend the wedding night"Rusotel." The cost of the room is only about 3 thousand rubles, the newlyweds will get everything they need - flowers, champagne and fruits, as well as the necessary silence and seclusion.

Slightly more expensive, for 6 thousand rubles, you can withdraw the premium room at the hotel "Lianozovo." There is a beautiful atmosphere, a large comfortable bed and a jacuzzi.

Another popular offer is a romantic room in the "Katerina Park-Hotel". In its cost, which is 7 thousand rubles, includes decoration with fresh flowers, champagne and sweets, and, of course, breakfast.

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