The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort 3 *: review, description, characteristics and reviews of tourists

The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resortconsider one of the best in Caron. It is located a few steps from the eponymous beach with a crisp, snow-like sand. Of course, the hotel, like many on Caron, is not on the first line from the coast. Moreover, this hotel has a "star" of everything for "treshku". And even the "five" in Phuket are located across the road from the sea. However, the hotel provides many services, excellent breakfasts, has a beautiful green area and is close to restaurants and the beach. Tourists leave good reviews about it. Why? Let's figure it out.

The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort

Karon: what is he known for?

This resort area is in the west of the island,south of his "entertainment capital" - Patong. It is a favorite place for people who value comfort, as well as travelers with children. Hotels all stretched along a chain along the beach or located on parallel streets. All of them from the coast are separated by a road. The resort area of ​​Phuket itself is a wide, beautiful, recently restored embankment. Along it there are shops, cafes, restaurants, stalls with different products. Here is a small temple and a night market. Here you can not only buy cheap things, but also eat. Not far from this place is the hotel Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort. On the northern and southern extremities of this embankment, all kinds of entertainment are concentrated in a myriad of numbers. As in the south of Karon there is a coral reef, then there is a possibility to dive or just sniff with a mask. Despite the fact that this place is remote from the main entertainment of the island, its beach and promenade are very busy. The feeling of solitude arises from the sandy mound that closes the track in most places, and therefore it seems that you are alone with nature.

The Old Phuket 4 (Phuket, Karon, Thailand) - reviews

How to get there, and what's nearby

Drive from The Old Phuket - Karon BeachResort to the airport from about forty-five minutes to an hour, but all, of course, depends on your transfer. The fastest way is by taxi. A hotel or tour operator often organizes its own transport. Well, budget travelers who came here on their own, use minibuses. Moreover, the hotel is conveniently located in relation to transport. Just behind the entrance to the hotel is a small street that leads directly to the sea. Along it there are many restaurants, massage parlors, cafes and shops. At the very end of the street there are ATMs and an exchange office. Then - the road and the beach. Not far from the sea is the market. On foot you can walk to the "Park of Dinosaurs". Before Patong have to go by taxi, tuk-tuk or motobike, if you do not have a rented scooter. By local bus you can get to Phuket Town. From there go minibus to Patong. It's cheap, but quite long.

The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort 3


The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort 3 *consists of several buildings. Among them there are new and older ones. Choosing between them is difficult. In the new buildings better furniture and plumbing, in the old - a chic view of the mountains and the sea. There are shops on the territory. The garden at the hotel is big, beautiful, lots of tropical greenery. The territory is very well guarded, no stranger will make it. One entrance from the hotel is blocked by a barrier. He leads to the center of Karon. Another entrance - closer to the beach. The territory is very beautiful, well-groomed, decorated in Thai style.


Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort is not verylarge. There are only forty-seven rooms in it. But they are all of an improved type. Two of them have a sea view. Some rooms of the new building have direct access to the pool with Jacuzzi. Guests are greeted in the heat with wet towels and soft drinks. The rooms have a hairdryer and slippers, and umbrellas in case of bad weather, and disposable soaps-gel-shampoos, a shower cap. The rooms are very spacious and bright, especially in the new building. The interior is a lot white. The beds are large. Windows are tinted. There is a flat TV with an input for a flash drive, there are three Russian channels. A beautiful shower room is decorated with stones. It looks very stylish. The in-room safe is free, but the minibar is not. But drinking water, tea, coffee, sugar, cream replenish every day. On the balcony there are chairs, a table, a dryer for things.

Old Phuket Hotel - Karon Beach Resort


At the Old Phuket Hotel - Karon Beach Resortgood, abundant breakfasts. They pass on the terrace of the old building. Tourists say that you can always choose your own food. Flakes, yoghurts, scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs, rice and meat, soups and shrimp, toast, pancakes and pastries - the offer is extensive. In addition, at the reception you will be given special coupons for a discount on meals in several neighboring cafes. In the hotel's restaurant there are no lunches and dinners. But near each pool there is a bar. Prices there are normal, affordable. Delicious ice cream, good cocktails. If you get into the "happy hour", then you can take two for the price of one. Many tourists recommend the restaurant "Kong" near the Buddhist temple and night market. There tasty, cheap and free Internet. Very large portions. There is a European menu. Many different foods are offered along the street leading to the right of the hotel. There you can buy shish kebabs, pancakes, fresh. At every step - seafood and fish at affordable prices. There are royal prawns, a shark, a sea bass. Everything is very fresh and almost just caught.

Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort

The services

The Old Phuket - Karon Beach ResortThere is a SPA-salon "Karma" with a sauna, there is also a hairdresser, dry cleaning, laundry. As in any Thai hotel, you can go to a massage session. Tourists recommend it, they say that the service is much better than on the beach. There is a very high-quality gym. There are many services for children - a playground, a special branch in the pool. You can invite the nanny to look after the child. A great rarity for Thai hotels - there is something like an animation. In the evenings - entertainment programs, musicians play, invite singers. Very polite and courteous staff, but the staff almost do not speak Russian. Communicate with them will have a basic (at least) knowledge of English. In order to catch Wi-Fi, you need to take the login and password at the reception to enter. Paid Internet is available in all areas, including in the rooms, and included in the price of the accommodation - in the lobby. There are rental bikes.

The Old Phuket Resort (Karon Beach, Thailand)

Sea and swimming pools

Before the beach relaxation from the hotel The Old PhuketResort (Karon Beach, Thailand) to go on the street directly five to ten minutes. You will find yellow crisp sand, an incredibly warm sea and full contact with nature. After all, this, as we have already said, Karon Beach - the most beautiful and clean coast in Phuket. It stretches for three kilometers, and there is always a place for a tourist. Recently, all the sun beds were removed from the beach. But this, maybe, for the better. Now there are more places. On the beach - many different water activities. You can ride a scooter or a banana, surf. There is a center for diving. The hotel provides beach towels. They can be changed several times a day. In addition, the territory has two good clean pools. One of them is with a children's paddling pool. It is on the second floor of the old building. Another pool - near the new building. Sun beds are new, the water does not smell of bleach.

Excursions and shopping

Umbrellas on the beach there, so tourists do notsuffer from heat, can rent them directly on the shore for two hundred baht, or buy on the market for 250. There, by the sea, a lot of sellers with various small things, food and beach accessories. Points from the sun, if bargaining, get for 150-200 baht. Beach mats for the same price. You can go shopping for Patong, especially since the tuk-tuki on Caron at every step. But tourists recommend "shopping" in the night market. It's cheaper than on Patong, and you do not have to spend money on a trip. For renting scooters at the hotel take five hundred baht per day. Only you need to leave a passport as a deposit. Excursions can be bought both in the hotel The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort 3 * (Karon Beach), and in the agencies. The price is the last two times lower. A sightseeing trip to Phuket is sometimes included in the package tour operator. In doing so, you visit Cape Prentep, a show of snakes and crocodiles, a fruit market. From two-day excursions recommend a trip to the island of Phi Phi, as well as to the Kao Sok reserve.

The Old Phuket - Karon Beach Resort 3 (Karon Beach)

The Old Phuket 4 * (Phuket, Karon, Thailand): reviews

Many mistakenly believe that the hotel has 4 *,in fact, there are 3 of them. For most tourists who have visited the hotel, it causes extremely positive emotions. The hotel is close to the sea, it offers good food. Its location is beautiful and relatively to the beach, and close to restaurants, entertainment. Is where to walk in the evening. Young people like that the hotel is not far from the "dvizheki", and people are sedate - that is not very expensive and close to the beach, and with the opportunity to eat well. The service is very good, and the attitude of the staff to the vacationers is wonderful. Good, clean and spacious rooms, excellent cleaning. Comfort, peace and relaxation are provided to you. Guests in the hotel are mostly from Europe, the territory is quiet, and outside the hotel life boils with a key.

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