Where are the best beaches of Vietnam?

Vietnam is an original country that has not yet becomea favorite place for tourists from all over the world. Therefore, rest here is like even the most picky. For fans of outdoor activities there are programs with sports activities, including surfing, yachting, diving and parachute jumping. It's hard to say where the best beaches are

Best beaches of Vietnam
Vietnam, the feedback of tourists positively assess the places practically along the whole coast. Nevertheless, some territories are worth a separate mention.

Beaches on the east coast

If you try to list the best beachesVietnam, it is worth mentioning Halong Bay. Its beautiful nature and good geographical position ensured that it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. At the shore there are many picturesque caves and bays, where you can go on a boat. Nearby is Bai Chai Beach, where the tourist area Tuan Chau is located. High-class hotels are surrounded by forests and offer all opportunities for a pleasant stay. Finally, the best beaches of Vietnam in the eastern part include Tra Ko, a fifteen-kilometer long beach near the city of Quang Ninh. This is a picturesque place that has preserved its virgin appearance. White sand, mangrove forests and fresh air add to the ideal conditions for a healthy beach holiday.

Beaches of Central Vietnam

The city of Vinh is located Kua Lu beach.

The best beaches of Vietnam
The length of fifteen kilometers and the purestwhite sand allows you to put this place on the list listing the best beaches in Vietnam. The temperature in these parts does not drop below eighteen degrees, even in the winter months. It is no wonder that recreation areas began to appear here more than a hundred years ago. Not far from the city of Thuatien-Hue is Langko, ideal for a family holiday with children: the depth of the sea is no more than one meter. In addition, the extraction of seafood and fish is developed here, which can not but please the gourmet. In these places it is also interesting to visit the traditional village of Chiang Mai and the fishing village of Lang Ko. A glimpse of the beautiful coral reefs can be found at Da Nang beach, chosen among the best by the Forbes magazine.

Best beaches of Vietnam: reviews
Beaches of the south coast

Listing the best beaches of Vietnam, you can notto mention the south coast. For example, Vung Tau is a tourist paradise full of beaches and resorts. Picturesque places of the south-east are especially good in Bai Sau, and in Bai Truok the cleanest beaches and best restaurants. Nghinh Fong is distinguished by a coral reef, and Dua beach is most like the lovers of extreme rest, as it is located in a place with constant waves. Beaches, near which you can see and historical attractions, are located in Kondao and stretch for two hundred kilometers. It is full of coral reefs, and the average annual temperature is twenty-six degrees of heat. The place is gaining popularity, so the infrastructure is growing, and higher-class hotels are becoming more and more. It is not surprising that the number of tourists who come here on vacation from all over the world is increasing year by year.

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