Shchelkovskaya metro station: description and history

Each station of the Moscow Metro has its own unique history and originality.

Moscow, metro station "Schelkovskaya". History

Station "Schelkovskaya" for passengers was openedin the distant 1963, on July 22, when they prolonged the Arbat-Pokrovskaya branch in the northern direction. Its name is non-unique and consonant with the name of the Shchelkovo highway, which is located not far from it. Throughout the time the name of the station has never changed.

The metro station "Shchelkovskaya" was designedthe famous architect Taranov IG together with no less famous architect (his wife) Bykova NA, on account of which 9 joint projects of the Moscow metro stations.


In the hall of the station there are forty columns ofReinforced concrete, which are lined with marble of green color and white ceramic tiles. The floor is covered with granite tiles in a gray tint. Until 2002, the top of the station walls was laid with ceramic tiles of yellow color, and the bottom - with black tiles.

Shchelkovo metro station
After repair, the top of the walls was covered with vinyl siding of beige-lemon color, and the black granite was faced with a bottom.


The metro station "Schelkovskaya" is built onstandard construction. The northern vestibule is located near the Central Bus Station, it has two exits and entrances to underground passages, which are located under the Shchelkovo Highway.

moscow metro station shchelkovskaya
Passage from one to another is possible on the ground adjustable street crossings on the Ural and 9th Parkovaya or through the vestibule near the cashiers.

Convenient location

The metro station "Schelkovskaya" haslocation near the central bus station of the capital, on which suburban and intercity buses arrive. Due to the large flow of people, it is considered the most overloaded station of the Moscow Metro.

Surrounded by 517 hotels that enjoypopular with the guests of the capital, is the metro station "Schelkovskaya". From the hotel, going down the metro, it is easy to get to the center of Moscow. And from the bus station you can go on a tourist trip to the cities of Russia.

The developed infrastructure near the station "Schelkovskaya" is a comfortable environment for residents and visitors of the city.

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