Kharkiv Cheap Hotels: description

Be sure to interest those who firstarrived in Kharkov, hotels. Inexpensive near the station you can stay in different hotels. We will consider them in our article. We will also describe other cheap hotels that will be perfect for the first time.

Hotel "Demetra" - apartments for those who want to live economically

So, what are Kharkiv hotels, cheap inwhich you can rent a room? For example, an institution called "Demeter". Thanks to the high level of comfort, staying here will be pleasant. At the same time, prices are quite low. For a day for the economy class room you need to give the local 220 hryvnia, which corresponds to approximately 550 Russian rubles. Also, the room can be rented for three to four hours (for example, you need to wait until the train arrives at this time). Then it will be necessary to pay only 120 hryvnia, that is, 300 rubles.

cheap hotels in kharkiv

If you are interested in cheap hotels near Railway StationKharkov, then pay attention to the "Demeter". It is near the South Station. You can reach the hotel from the railway station on any tram. It will take only one stop to go to the center. Also on foot you can walk to the hotel. The journey will take about ten minutes.

Hotel «Friday»

Continuing to talk about cheap hotelsKharkov, we will describe this. There is an establishment 700 meters from the railway station of the city. Each room in the hotel is designed according to an individual project. All have en suite bathrooms with a bathrobe, slippers and a hairdryer. There is also a DVD player and a TV. There is even a bridal suite in this hotel. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel, so that every guest can go without much effort on the Internet.

cheap hotels in kharkiv

This complex has everything that people need forpleasant rest. The hotel also provides a massage therapist. There is a sun terrace in the hotel, which is equipped with all necessary accessories for barbecue.

There is a bar with a wide range of snacks and drinks. There is also a karaoke complex.

There is a kitchen in the hotel, which is completelyis equipped for self-cooking. For those who come by car, there is parking. At the same time for the fact that the machine is there, do not need to pay extra.

How to get to the hotel? The hotel is located in a twelve minute walk from the metro station "South Station".

For a standard room (double) you need to pay 800 rubles. If there is a need to put additional space, then this is possible, but you need to pay 250 rubles.

Tourist Hotel

The hotel is located near the metro station "Palace of Sports". The hotel has rooms of different categories. The cost of living per day per person ranges from 350 rubles to 850, depending on the type of room.

cheap hotels in kharkov

There is parking. For it you need to pay extra. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, cafe and buffet. The hotel has a hairdresser, in which the entire range of hairdressing services is provided (haircut, styling, etc.).


Which cheap hotels in Kharkiv are known? For example, the hotel "Volodarsky". It is located near the Metalist Stadium, just four kilometers from it. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

All standard rooms have modern televisions and kettles.
The distance from the hotel to the international airport is nine kilometers.
On average, the cost of living is 650 rubles per day (per person).

"Good hotel" - hotel near the metro station

If you are interested in cheap Kharkiv hotels,in which you can rent a room, then pay attention to the "Good Hotel". Prices for accommodation here are low. The hotel offers rooms with all amenities. This option is ideal for those who go on a business trip or just do not want to overpay for the night. There are only seven rooms in this hotel. They have everything the guest needs, namely:

• satellite television;
• a bathroom;
• bed;
• dishes;
• TV with USB-input;
• shower;
• microwave oven;
• iron;
• linen;
• Wi-Fi Internet and others.

There is a large parking at the hotel. There is also an opportunity to eat cheaply, going down to the first floor. There is a cafe with home cooking. Near the hotel there are several grocery supermarkets. For an economy double you need to pay 600 rubles per day (meals are not included in the price). The most expensive number is 850 rubles.

"Base Station"

In concluding describing inexpensive hotelsKharkov, tell about this place. This hotel has different rooms, for example, large with two single beds and a budget. Each has a bathroom with a shower, and a modern TV.

There is a luggage room where guests can leave their luggage. There is a hotel six kilometers from the Kharkov Historical Museum and five kilometers from the Metalist Stadium.

cheap hotels near railroad kharkov

From the hotel to the international airport of the city distance - only three kilometers.
Accommodation per day will cost 700 rubles (forstandard per person). Daily cleaning is included in the price. Children can stay in the hotel for free, but there is no extra bed for them. Accommodation of animals is not allowed. There are places for smoking.

A small conclusion

Now you know what are the inexpensive hotels in Kharkov. We hope that you will be able to find the right accommodation for yourself. Good luck!

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