Luxury holiday in Greece - Crete

Crete is the largest island in Greece. It is famous for its gorgeous mountain ranges, amazing natural valleys, mesmerizing caves filled with stalactites. The unique mountain, forest and sandy landscapes make an unforgettable vacation in Greece. The island of Crete receives hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Everyone dreams to see this unique tourist pearl. Why does he attract travelers so much?

Holidays in Greece. Crete

The riddle of Europe

A unique country that strikes with its magnificenthistorical heritage, fantastic architecture and the largest number of myths and legends associated with it. Only in the 19th century the island began to open its secrets to the whole world. Thanks to archaeological finds, the oldest historical monuments of architecture and art were discovered.

The city of Heraklion (its capital) is rich in uniquehistorical sights. You can learn the world culture by choosing a holiday in Greece. The island of Crete is famous for the cave where the famous god Zeus grew up, the labyrinth in which the Minotaur lived. The Palace of Minos and Knossos is evidence of a rich historical past. Everything admires, fascinates, attracts and attracts, as if asking to touch a great story.

Greece island Crete. Recreation

Climate. Greece

The island of Crete, a holiday on which manytravelers of the world, is popular due to its soft and comfortable climate. He is considered one of the healthiest in the whole of Europe. Not without reason one of the most powerful world civilizations was born here. Hippocrates himself advised the local air for the treatment of all diseases. The sun does not disappear here all year round. The swimming season opens in April and lasts until November. Comfortable temperature up to 26 degrees is acceptable for most tourists. For children, hypertensive patients, those who are hard to tolerate the heat is the best option for travel - Greece.

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Recreation. Price list

Crete is available for a variety of groupstourists. Here you can find luxury European hotels, modest economy-hotels. In any case, the country's hotels will not disappoint you. Excellent service and ideal conditions for a family holiday. Lovers of entertainment will not be bored. For you stunning discos, amazing sea walks and diving. Anyone is waiting for a great vacation in Greece. The island of Crete will delight lovers of privacy with cozy inexpensive villas, built in the style of the Middle Ages right in the mountains or on the azure coast. Among other things, tours to Crete will depend on the cost of air tickets offered by tour operators.

This country, bewitching its mysticalpast and luxurious present, offers affordable rest for all categories of tourists. If you want to combine an economical vacation with European quality - choose a holiday in Greece. The island of Crete will surprise you with a comfortable climate, stunning scenery and history, which lies directly under your feet. The main thing is to hear the call of ancestors, bowing before the charm of this fertile country.

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