Samara-Anapa-Samara: a journey to the Black Sea

Hundreds and thousands of people every year go tolarge and small travels. Overcoming the distance from Samara to Anapa can cause the need for a forced business trip or the desire to get to the Black Sea. Let's consider all variants, having revealed optimum on time and cost.

By the Black Sea by plane

The quickest way to overcome the Anapa-Samara route is by air. Practically every day planes depart from the Samara Kurumoch airport to Anapa and back.

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This can be direct flights, durationflight - just over two hours one way, and with transfers at Moscow airports. The latter will take more than 5 hours, the duration in this case depends on the waiting time of the connecting flight.

The ability to travel quickly requires andrelated costs. This method is the most expensive of all possible. Slightly reduce costs, you can specifically track the shares of airlines and the dynamics of prices on certain days of the week.

Bus routes

No less popular now is the bus. At the same time, it is possible to take advantage of the offers to transfer Samara-Anapa-Samara from various shipping companies. But such proposals exist only within the tourist season.

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The comfort of the trip depends largely on the bus technology provided, so you should first pay attention to this factor. After all, the journey will have to spend about a day and a half.

To reach the same destination by routeintercity buses without interchanges is impossible. The search for the most successful connections, as a rule, does not give a result, such a route takes a long time and is quite expensive.

A great trip for a big company by car

A large company, in 3-5 people, costsconsider the option of moving on your own car. The speed in this case will depend on the quality of the roads chosen, the traffic density, the number of stops and the vehicle brand. On average, the distance between Anapa and Samara by road is 1720 km, and the time it takes will take two days.

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Although this method of movement is not differenta special speed, but it is quite economical. After all, the cost of spent gasoline will be much less than the purchase of air tickets, for example, for 4 adults.

Our locomotive is flying ahead, in Anapa stop

Anapa and Samara connect railway tracksthe length of almost 2,000 km. In this case, there are many options: both with transplants, and direct. Through the Samara railway station there are trains to Anapa from Tomsk, Yekaterinburg, Tynda, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and many other cities.

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There is also a train specially designedfor the route Anapa-Samara - 473C, in the opposite direction the prefix "C" changes to "Y". His schedule and time of departure vary depending on the seasonality, so they should be refined, already planning a trip. On the road the traveler will have to spend almost two days. 33 stops on the way. But this way to overcome the route optimally combines comfort and relative cheapness.

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Reviews of the train 473 "Samara-Anapa", posted innetworks, are quite contradictory. Someone from the passengers is dissatisfied with the high temperatures in the cars in the summer, and someone notes the excellent work of the air conditioners and is pleased with the service of the conductors. Apparently, in many respects such a scatter of opinions depends on which train the train is going from. To guess for certain in the car what comfort you will get, it is not possible. Most travelers are advised not to save and take a coupe.

The route Samara-Anapa-Samara can be overcome in as many ways as possible. The choice is up to the discretion of the traveler.

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