Targaqova Marina and advice to women who dream of a happy family

Getting married, all the girls believe and hope thatthis is once and for all. However, it is not always possible to keep a family throughout life. Targaqova Marina compares family life to tango: marriage is also unstable and unstable, like this sexy dance. While a man and a woman act together and in harmony, business in a pair goes well. But as soon as one of them breaks this balance, everything collapses with inexorable speed. How to preserve family happiness and not lose the love of your life, we will understand this article. In this we will help the well-known psychologist Marina Targagova and her instructions.

Targaqova Marina

Marina Targagova: biography, year of birth and professional activity

Before learning about life's lessonsfemale psychologist, we will talk about her life. A specialist in family relations, Marina Targagova, whose biography will be examined by us, was born in 1961. When the little girl appeared, no one knew that in the future she would save a huge number of families, establish relationships between parents and children, help them find happiness and find themselves lonely and lost people. Marina Targagova worked as a doctor allergist for a while, but later she began to practice in non-standard treatment, after which she learned methods of NLP, coaching, and gestalt therapy.

The woman became the author of five patentedinternational inventions in psychiatry and endocrine pathology. Her seminars have been successful in Russia, Kazakhstan, the United States and other countries. Councils for the education of children, finding harmony in the soul and maintaining peace in the family will always help Marina Targagova. A photo of a woman shows us a good-natured woman with a clean and kind smile on her face. Let's turn to instructions and recommendations from Marina Targakova.

Marina Targagova biography

Rules of Survival in the Family

Every person is a social being, fora comfortable stay in which a family is needed. Targaqova Marina argues that the rules of survival in the family are the constant care for each other, respect and mutual understanding. It is very important to constantly meet each other, maintain balance, have patience. In a happy family there are no rightists and there are no guilty people - there are only loved and loving people, ready to forgive. Without forgiveness, you will not be able to save your family, because no matter how perfect your choice is, your companion is just a person who is prone to make mistakes. If you do not learn to forgive, you will forever lose your love.

The correct position of a woman will help to find a strong man

A woman needs to find inspiration in herself,children, the surrounding nature and ordinary daily affairs. She needs to learn to be satisfied with what she has. And at the same time, a woman should be able to fill her man with courage and strength. Only then will there be a man next to her, capable of providing her with spiritual and physical protection. Targaqova Marina is sure that a strong self-sufficient man is more comfortable to be next to a weak and tender woman, capable of obeying and remaining at the same time a queen. In no case should you try to move a man and take the place of the main - father and husband. It is known that a woman has energy, which is 9 times higher than that of a man. Therefore, she alone can easily achieve success in politics or entrepreneurship. However, it is important to remember that such a powerful energy is not meant for a woman to rise up the career ladder, but to become a good mother and a loving wife.

Marina Targagova biography Year of birth

The strength of a woman in her weakness

In an interview with Targakov, Marina said: "A woman can become popular and rich, but at the same time remain empty and completely unhappy." Therefore, no matter how strong and self-confident you would not be, remember that your main purpose is in motherhood and in giving others love. Be a weak woman, love yourself, husband, children and loved ones, fill your life vessel with only positive emotions! Only then you can be the best companion of a man, obey him, find peace and together with him come to a healthy and happy relationship.

Marina Targagova photo

Browse the seminars of Marina Targagova andlearn more about the rules of preserving family well-being. Remember that only happy families are born and live happy children. Give happiness to others! Good luck in finding harmony, happiness and love for your families!

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