Fear and complexes can be used to your advantage. How to cope with excitement and uncertainty?

How often do we get into unpleasant or incomprehensible situations, experiencing anxiety or even fear. How to cope with the excitement? This process, perhaps, is not so simple due to our established habits.

Even the bravest of us in some situationsthey lose their balance. A strong excitement is characteristic of all people. As psychologists say, nothing is scared of schizophrenics alone. Against this background, the most urgent is the question of how to cope with the excitement in order to mobilize all forces at the right moment and make the right decision.

how to cope with the excitement
Negative impact of fear

On the negative impact of fear on a personenough is said. It often happens that at the moment of the strongest excitement we release the situation from our hands, lose control and come up with our own strategy to combat the overwhelming feeling we can not. And we can not. We can not until we are aware of the danger and seriousness of the problem.

Fear destroys a person as a person, closesopportunities for self-fulfillment. How many times has it happened that in the peak situation, under the influence of excitement and surprise, we ceased to act decisively? And the delay in such cases of death is similar, that's what appears in our track record, another unfulfilled dream or a lost hope.

The main prerequisites for fear are:

1. Fear of saying too much.
2. Loss of confidence in an unusual situation.
3. Excitement before each responsible step.

All of the above gives the possibility of fearattack our brain, as a result, there is a gradual degradation of the individual. We can no longer act boldly and boldly, because the fear that has settled in us gives the brain a signal of danger. Instead of committing an act, we obediently obey the circumstances and begin to drift with the flow. Why? Because it's safer, everyone does it, which means it can not be wrong. That's why you need to know how to cope with excitement.

Positive impact of fear

practical psychology
Strangely enough, but fear can be useful.After all, it was he who helped survive our ancestors in prehistoric times. Then the fear was an assistant, helping to anticipate the attack of the beast and mobilizing all the forces to a duel with him. Everyone knows that during fear, a person can commit such deeds, for which he does not have enough strength in his usual state. Because fear is a stimulant, it activates all the protective properties of the body.

To properly use fear, it is necessarynothing: stop trying to match the opinion of others. Then you do not have to puzzle over the question of how to cope with the excitement. We should give ourselves the right to be what we are, and not the kind that friends, friends, and so on want to see us. Nothing will come of our attempts to be like someone else. It's impossible to play forever. Hence the fear arises from the thought that we will not be able to finish our role to the end. But really a man is valued precisely for his personality, as psychology maintains. And not applied, but practical psychology, based on experiments, research, experiments.

violent excitement

To defeat fear, we must not hide from it,but to move towards it. Play with him ahead of schedule. How to cope with the excitement during this game? No way! You just need to find courage in yourself and do the act, regardless of fear and excitement. Remember: it is difficult to cross your complexes for the first time, then it will become much easier, and as a result you will get not only self respect and respect for others, but also open new horizons of seemingly long-established life.

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