How to survive a divorce from a husband: advice of a psychologist for wise women

In the modern world, divorce is not considered somethingterrible, today this is no surprise. This, on the one hand, is correct: why overpower yourself and tolerate a person next to whom you do not have feelings? But the very process of parting of pretty close people is always difficult. How to deal with this, can prompt psychologists.

how to survive a divorce from her husband psychologist's advice
Tip # 1: Do not be sorry!

If a woman is looking for information, how to survive a divorcewith her husband, the advice of a psychologist in this matter is the best helpers. What is the first thing a specialist will advise? He will definitely say that you do not have to regret yourself and think that life with divorce will stop. Yes, it will hurt, it will be insulting, but to put a cross on yourself at that moment is not an option. We need to find the strength to live on. It is good in such a situation to talk with a loved one who will listen, help with advice. If a woman gets angry, it's good to pound a pear, break a dinner set for a wedding, do something that will save you from negative emotions. This technique works great.

Tip # 2: Find a lesson to your liking

How to survive a divorce with your husband? Psychologist's advice says: you need to occupy yourself with something. To plunge headlong into work, to do self-improvement, to go to some courses. It is necessary to leave as little time as possible for thought, then for depression there will simply not be room left. Also it is good for women who are in a state of divorce, to take care of themselves - to look into the beauty salon, change the hairdress, throw off a couple of extra pounds. Let the ex-husband only lick, having learned, what clever and beautiful he has lost!

Tip # 3: Look for a positive

How to survive a divorce with your husband? Psychologist's advice is recommended even here to find pros. In all there are positive aspects, why not look for them in a divorce case? Freedom from commitment, the opportunity to do what you love, and finally, the opportunity to just relax from a domestic routine - what is not a reason at least a little, but rejoice? Moreover, completing one stage, a person comes close to a new one, which will only be brighter and better than the previous one.

advice of a psychologist how to survive a divorce

Tip # 4: Do not be in a hurry.

Many women from anguish and despair, and sometimesand out of a sense of revenge they try to find a replacement for the unlucky faithful as soon as possible. It happens, as a rule, because they simply do not know how to survive the divorce from her husband. The advice of a psychologist, however, is not recommended to rush headlong into a new relationship. Nothing good from the new connection can not wait, and to spite the former husband is unlikely to succeed. You can earn yourself even more trouble. It is better to first deal with one relationship, and then try to build the following.

Tip # 5: Love yourself

Psychologist's advice, how to survive the divorce, is as follows: the side that was put before the fact - everything, divorce! - it is necessary not to lose energy and again begin to love yourself. Often, women think that it is they who are to blame for the fact that the husband is leaving, that something is wrong with them, that they are bad housewives. Most often these conclusions have no basis, therefore, no matter how things are, you must continue to love yourself. Always and no matter what!

tips on how to survive a divorce

Tip # 6: Keep your self-esteem!

Looking through the tips, how to survive the divorce, you canstumble upon one very important recommendation: there is no need for quarrels, scandals and mutual accusations during the divorce process. If the husband tries to talk nasty things, you just have to leave and not listen to him. In no case should one rush to his neck shouting: "Come back, my love!" Leaves - let him go. Sooner or later he will probably regret it. In divorce, it is important for a woman to keep her face and stay with her head held high.

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